Monday, November 06, 2006

Abba made bye-bye

So Yoav is off (okay, technically he's still in Israel, but he's gone from the house, sniffle) and we're here alone (that is, Oh Israeli Underworld Member, we're not alone, there are twelve other people here! Men! BURLY men! And I have my husband's gun! And it has bullets! I even know where they are!).

IY"H we'll be just fine. One of my friends invited me for dinner every night... little does she know that it's not like when Yoav's here we have dinner every night! If this works out, I may make him leave more often.

Prunella continues well, Baruch Hashem! She is blissfully asleep now. It got COLD all of a sudden... I need to buy her a coat! Who knew?

She had some formula today... oh well. But she didn't finish it, thus showing her utter preference for ME ME ME. Speaking of which, when I dropped her off this morning, when the metapelet reached out for her, rather than putting up her arms and smiling she cuddled back in against me! SHE LIKES ME BETTER. I have to go be happy now.

The girl had peas today, which I made by processing frozen ones. The texture was really too piece-y for her - I will have to try again with split peas, which have their skins removed - but the color was so reminicent of the slime on You Can't Do That on Television I had to share it with you.

(if you don't remember that old show, you're basically admitting that your parents weren't cool enough to have cable back in the 80's. Me? Babysitters loved us for our cable tv and - coolest of all - Atari!)


emmms said...

Best. Show. Ever! I used to LIVE for that show, every day after school I'd battle it out with my sister for the privilege of watching it.

Slime aside, that is one beautiful baby. Such amazing eyes!

Carlye said...

Hey Miriam,

Wanted to let you know that baby GIRL Namer arrived at 7:30 am Houston time. She was almost 7 lbs and 19 inches long. No pictures yet and no idea who she looks like yet. Will keep you posted.


Cousin Jennifer said...

I remember that show! Shannon found a website not too long ago that shows the intros to the 80s shows we all loved. I'll have to ask her what it is again and I'll let ya know. We spent hours looking at it this summer!