Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm proud to say I have overcome a parenting hurdle. I've successfully taken the girl's temperature!! She didn't even cry or anything, and I didn't puncture any major organs (to the best of my knowledge) nor do I think she'll require therapy for this act of parenting (the others? Who knows?).

The bad part is - her temperature was 102.1! Bummer!

She seemed fine, actually, a tad more cuddly (aww...) and a bit less hungry (she didn't even finish her bottles at the metapelet this morning). Oh yeah, and she was really really really warm to the touch. Poor baby!

So she got Acamoli (read: baby acetomitmitamitaphine (you try to spell it at 11:30 PM!)) and thank God, about an hour later she was sweating and much cooler, so it seems her fever broke.

Fortunately, this was the one day in the last several months that I got my act together and prepared dinner the night before in the form of soup that cooked in the crock pot all day. So I was planning on giving the girl chicken soup for dinner even before she was sick! Here's a picture of her eating it - she wasn't too thrilled (although she ate her applesauce and oat cereal this morning with much aplomb (no plums, though)).

The top picture is her cuddled up against her mommy, watching Abba on the computer (over and over and over). You might think I'm a callous paparazzist for taking pictures of her when she's sick. But
a) she's really cute
b) I do it for posterity. For history.
c) I do it for Prunella's survival. How so? Fifteen years from now, I suspect I'll need vivid reminders of how much she relied on me.

She got a little wipe down (we need to buy a bathroom heater - until then, when she's feverish we'll skip the cold bathroom), and she didn't like that too much, although she liked being nekked before I started. She was sucking on her toes and clapping her feet SO nicely that I had to run and get the camera... whereupon she refused to do it again. But she be yum anyway. Note that she has 10 toes. I still count them sometimes... (playing "this little tzaddik*" is very comforting in terms of toe count reassurance)

Anyway, last time I checked on her her fever was still down, thank God! Her ears don't seem to be bothering her, nor her throat, nor her still toothless-gums. Those are all the usual suspects of baby fevers. Hopefully it's just One of Those Thangs, and she'll be all better in the morning, amen!

*This little tzaddik went to the makoles, and this little tzaddik stayed home, and this little tzaddik had chulent, and this little tzaddik had none....


SAVTA said...

Refuah Shlemah U'mehira to Sara Rochel (Pitzkey) and best wishes to the Mommy.
Love and kisss from Saba and Savta

bilha said...

Miriam, you're too funny. I love the this little tzadik. Refuah shlaima. I have heard of a lot of babies getting ear infections recently. Miriam just got over one and my cousins baby has one also. All of those ear infection babies are nursed and not bottle fed so maybe we need to change the statistics here. Anyway, I hope Sarah Rochel feels better soon and that she lets you get some rest.

Fellow Bicyclist said...

Hi Miriam

Just getting to post this now.
In OUR house we have a different version:
"This little menschy learned in kollel;
This little menchy got a job;
this little menshy was in chinuch; this little menshy went on shlichut.
And THIS little mentioned shnorred all the way home to mommy and daddy."

We've also been dealing with the ear infection - it passes. Bless Moxypen!!