Saturday, November 11, 2006

All's well on the middle eastern backside

We had a perfectly nice shabbos, thanks to our neighbors (hurray!). My daughter even got FLEISHIGS for the first time ever at the Lev's house, where she had chicken soup mixed in with oat cereal. She's consumed part of her first animal! My little carnivore...

She actually had a couple other firsts this shabbos, eating bits of tea biscuit and potato kugel off the floor. Yeah, well, whatever. She also took a (short) nap in some boy's crib today - jeepers!

The picture here is of a friend holding her - that ain't me. But the girl is yum.

Friday night around 11 PM I'm sitting here reading when suddenly my cell phone (I hadn't turned it off for shabbos) gives a beep. Hurray! We had an SMS (an SMS? a SMS? Does the 'a' or 'an' go on the sound of the word or the letter (a S, an ess)) from Abba waiting for us! He got to Detroit safely (he was driving from Cleveland on Friday) and as it's still shabbos for him now, we hope he's having a good one! We definitely miss him, but we're coping.

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