Friday, November 10, 2006

Another day... (ew, lame title)

Today was... well, nothing special. That is, it was special because it was another day of playing and growing and having fun and spending money (when Abba is away, Mommy tends to go shopping - just for stuff we need, right!). But we just did and were and all was well. The girl went to sleep just fine (thoughtfully splitting a poop into pre-Flying Naked Baby time and post-getting in the tub), and has been out since about 8:30 PM. I have been doing some housework and talking on the phone and somehow it got this late... Oh, and I've been editing video, of course!

The picture above is the girl watching her abba on the computer again.
I think she liked her avocado this evening, but for like the first time ever, while she was eating she turned away from the camera. Did I pick the wrong kid up from the metapelet? She made up for it on the video, though. Correct, she had the avocado before the video, which accounts for that lovely gray rouge she's sporting.

In case I don't get here again before shabbos, have a good one! And goodnight, Rabbi Druyan, wherever you are out there.


Teena said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

And to all a goodnight and a good Shabbos !! I miss you both !!!


Anonymous said...

Good Shabbos from the newest Namer (and all the rest of us)

Sarah Rochel's Houston-based safta was one of the first people to meet her earlier this week - she held my hand through it all and even made her meeting too. Can we claim her as an honorary safta too?

Hope Miriam the Mommy is surviving Rabbi Abba's business trip as well as it seems that SR is. Keep all those adorable multi-media shows coming - we need our daily fix!