Sunday, November 05, 2006


My daughter got shorter?? I coulda sworn at the well-baby folks today they said she was 64.5 centimeters tall / long, and a while ago we measured her at 66? So, um, gosh, I don't know. But she got heavier anyway, 6.715 kilo.

We got a hep B shot today just like a pro, and passed our hearing test with flying... eardrums? Actually (nachas alert), the nurse said the toch has no more vaccinations scheduled until she's a year old, but they usually ask moms to bring the babies back at 10 months to make sure they're developing well... but Sarah Rochel is already doing all the things they check for at 10 months, so we really don't have to come in! Shepp shepp shepp shepp. Bli ayin hara!

She pooped in the tub again today, which is a) easier now that her tubby is in the big tubby, and b) heck, more pleasant than changing a nasty diaper. So poop on, little one, poop on! I am proud of myself for reading her pre-poop signals accurately so as to remove the rubber ducky from the bath water prior to poopage.

I took a nap from about 8 PM to 10:30 PM... so why am I still tired?

Yoav is getting ready to leave, and we will miss him so much!! Gotta go help him pack up his liquids and gels for his carry-on needs.

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Anonymous said...

Good job on the rubber ducky removal. You're lucky there weren't a bunch of stackable cups in there, too. :)

bilha said...

Here's a banana alert. Funny story. Miriam ate a banana about two weeks ago. The next day her daiper had these little black things that looked like little threads in her poop. So naturally I was worried. First I thought that maybe it was dust that she's been picking up from the floor and then maybe threads from different cloth items she chews on. Then I spoke to her doctor who said we should check it for worms. I got really scared and called Aviella who had a house full of kids with worms last year (yuck). B"H she described it in great detail and it wasn't worms. We called our good friend who is a doctor. He told us that the same thing happened to him when he was in medical school and he took it to the lab. He felt so dumb when they told him it was banana. I'm just telling ya this story in case it happens to you. Little black squigglies in daiper after eating banana=fiber from banana. Good luck! You're still invited to come here for Shabbos. We'd love to have you and Sarah Rochel.

Miriam the Mommy said...

B, I'd love to come, but I'm really worried about her sleeping away from home.... tomorrow night I'm gonna see if she'll sleep at a neighbor's (I'm going to a birthday party), and we'll see what she does!!