Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bottomless pit returns!

So, yeah, apparently that iron stuff works well... As B. pointed out in the comments, a kid who is iron-deficient will lose appetite, but once they get the iron they need, they start eating more.

Apparently Sarah Rochel has been reading the blog yet again! Cause she's been eating... and eating... and eating. I mean, like it's going outa style. She loves her sweet potatoes... and she LOVES her bananas.

Last night we ate on the other side of town, which was lovely and fun. We figured the girl would go to sleep when she was ready in her car seat, right? Ha ha! She didn't go to sleep, didn't even act tired until 11 PM. This for the girl who's been passing out around 7:30 most nights. Okay! And of course she had to wake up and eat and eat and eat several times during the night too.

Then today we ate at a neighbor's, which was also lovely and fun. We figured the girl would take her nap over there, right? And indeed, I fed her and she fell asleep in my arms and I tried to put her in the crib there... no way, lady! Fell asleep again, tried to put her on the bed there... I don't think so!

Methinks this being away from home thing may be a problem. We haven't gone away away for shabbos in a long time... we may not be able to.

But it's late, and lemme explain the pictures. We have her in her pretty shabbos outfit, just before her bath. We have her in the outfit she wore on Friday, an outfit that shouted "my father dressed me!" except, alas, I picked it out. Note how the little doggie from her onesie is showing through the strangely inappropriate keyhole of her shirt (since when do babies need to show off their chests?). And please note the new Huggies design which, speaking of inappropriate, features a Winnie the Pooh codpiece. Gevalt.

We took a few other pictures of some diaper changing, but most of those aren't really for General Audiences. The smell, of course, should be banned. We're beginning to understand why people pay a lot of money for elaborate diaper stench containment pails, because SHEESH were today's poops (two of them) smelly. Cute... okay, fine, they weren't cute, but they came from the cutest tush in town.

Too much detail? Perhaps. Maybe if we start embarassing her now, we'll be done by the time she's a teenager? We can just here it now: "AhhhBUH!"

Oh yeah, speaking of which - today she said ABBA, several times in close succession, when he was standing right there! Okay, she said it once later when she was in the bathroom and he wasn't around, and she also said "thbbt" and "isss" repeatedly, but the point here is...!!! Her voice is so sweet and light and delicious and and and... I think I have a crush on my daughter.

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shira said...

We have a crush on her too ;)
YZ, AL, and YM Svei