Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wow, been a while since I blogged at this hour of the day.

She woke up about a half hour ago and seemed warm again to me. I didn't want to take her temperature now because in theory she was going to eat and go back to sleep.

She's not fussing, but she kept stopping eating to say 'dadadadada' and occasionally 'ees, ess.' I gave her another dose of Acamoli, fed her some more, and put her back to bed. I think she'll drop off soon.

This morning (um, I think that means yesterday morning) she was eating, and pulled away to say with great urgency, "Eetah! Eetah! Ma eetah!!" and back to the food. Her diction was excellent, although her content needs some work.

Just went to listen at her door. I think she's knocking her pacifier against the bars of her crib. She's really adorable. I think I'm going to go back to bed, even if she's still awake. If she needs me, she'll let me know (bless her).

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Saba Lenny said...

You are fast approaching the day when you will have to decide on which languages to emphasize in your communication with SR. Besides the obvious English (American NE or Texan?) and Hebrew (European, Israeli or ?), there are juicy Yiddish expressions (Litvak or Galitziyana?), and of course "baby talk". More decisions!