Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The goof is on fire*

We are, B"H, doing better, although I wasn't sure of it and had to have the doctor tell me (I love socialized medicine!). But the doc confirms the girl's ears are improving, so even though she had a fever today and had enough shnikeys coming out of her nose to feed Thailand*, she is actually on the mend.

She drank very little at the metapelet (which, hey, is great for keeping up the freezer reserve of milk, if not great for our health), and didn't eat much at home either, but she got some fluids in her (if nothing else, bathwater!). She's fine.

Last night at 10:30 PM or whatever it was when I put her to bed again, she wasn't asleep when I put her down (like she usually is). I left her room, and she fussed, not crying but more whimpering and moaning. So Hashem made a miracle and our broken cd player started working again, and I played her one song from "Bedtime with the Beatles" about four times, and she was asleep. So tonight at 8:30 or so, she was SO exhausted but as soon as I put her down - wide awake! I sang to her a bit more, went through all the goodnight rituals, and left. This time it was closer to crying than whimpering, but still not the full fledged "oh my GOSH come and get me!" cry. And it took just three rounds of the same song - and she was out.

Our little bean is learning to fall asleep alone!! So proud!

As you can see from the pictures, we're gradually getting smiley again, thank God! Okay, well, the blah one in the baby carrier is from yesterday, when she couldn't muster a smile. But see the difference a day (and three doses of Acamoli) can make! The spectacular face paint you see is a combination of chicken soup and iron, so we can all visualize what a IY"H bli ayin hara one-day little brother of Sarah Rochel will look like with his flaming red goatee. Or something.

Yoav is now in Boca and Miami. Yesterday he was in Atlanta, the day before in Baltimore and Silver Spring, the day before in Detroit and New York, the day before in Cleveland... yikes! And tomorrow it's Memphis and St. Louis, then LA... But hey, he's your man if you need to know where the nearest exit row is. Remember - your closest exit may be behind you (this obviously means something on a metaphorical level).

*This title is an allusion to a Camp Moshava (circa 1990) color war cheer, when we were the Goof (body) versus the Neshama (soul) and proudly chanted "The goof, the goof, the goof is on fire - we don't need no water we just keep getting hotter." Poetic, I know. It's funny cause a) the girl's body has a fever, and b) she's a goof-ball. Or at least I am. (Dumb things like this are why one shouldn't blog last thing at night before retiring. Cheese for brains!)

**You wouldn't believe what they eat there.


Anonymous said...

we should all look that cut when we are sick-tzipporah Rabinowicz

Miriam the Mommy said...

Tzipporah! I was thinking about you all night, and that has nothing to do with anything I've been doing in my free time, like whoa, righteous, righteous, noggin! Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

great video little one, be good - continue mending and getting better. If you feel the need - you may continue your booger bank for hungry Thais - I advise discontinuing ( and yes, I know, you have a jar for mommy to wash, hurray ).

bilha said...

Miriam, I know I keep saying this but you are hysterical. You always manage to make me laugh. I'm glad to see the toch getting better. I can't believe Yoav has been in that many cities in such a short amount of time. Is that how they keep him from getting jet lagged? He must never ever sleep. I'm sure you're thinking that you never ever sleep either. Ah, the life of a mother. And speaking of sleep. Good night!

Debbie said...

AHH!!! Rabbi referenced my favorite Calvin and Hobbes!!!!!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Bilha, yeah, I'm getting more sleep than him - pretty bad, huh? B"H he can sleep on planes!!

Deb, SO glad someone caught that... You are a true talmida of the rabbi.

Debbie said...

or, of calvin.

Faye Berman said...

Yoav was here? You should have said something I would have made him a food package or something! Have a great Shabbos