Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hanging in there

Don't know if this will even post, as Blogger is strange, but B"H the girl was fine today, no throwing up, eating VERY nicely (more than in a while but - hurrah, hurrah - no formula), and in general being totally yum. Speaking of yum, she had banana for the first time today... she's sold, big time!

In other news, we bought Yoav a new bekashe for shabbos, the girl pooped in the tub for the first time in months, I got a new pair of socks (aside: when you're down to blogging about socks, clearly you're running out of things to say), and hmm, let's see... Oh, at the park today, Sarah Rochel picked up a stray leaf and put it in her mouth! Her first fall folliage! Fortunately, I removed it from her mouth, intact.

Okay, eyelids drooping, Blogger not blogging, Miriam going a-shloofing. Goodnight!


Shira said...

Blogger blogged :) Have a great shabbos and continued good health to SR. Tischadshi on the new socks.

brenderan said...

I told you the Blogger Monster was at work this week.
Hope SR is feeling back to normal and that Yoav has a great trip...when is that by the way?