Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy frenzy

Okay, it's erev shabbos, and we're running around... but we're running around (insert happy sigh) together! Aw! Barf.

No, really, the girl threw up this morning (while lying on her back in the crib - ew). But I think it's just because she ate too much, not from any sinister cause. She's been B"H just fine all day.

Here's a picture of her in the fancy knit poncho shabbos cape whosits that one of Pumpkinhead's grandmommies bought for her. Also mayhaps a little large, but very cute!

I'm using my nebulizer (alas, still wheezing, but coughing less) and getting all funkily lightheaded. Ah, the spiritual uplift of shabbos... or something...

Have a great shabbos, everyone!

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Debbie said...

ok so we dont have internet at home at the moment (how frum are WE!!!) and at work, youtube doesnt work. so naturally i spent erev shabbos at my parents house watching all the videos since sukkos... YUMMMM she is so much cuter on video than in the pictures! shes so big and mature and stuff! gosh wasnt she born yesterday? sunrise, sunset...