Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here baby, there momma, everywhere daddy

Summary: Our ears are blah, we still had a fever, not so interested in food, our nose is runny, our little throat is congested... BUT: our hair is growing!! Check out these pics - it got all nice and damp and curly after we sat in the steamy bathroom for a while, trying to improve our breathing. Tomorrow we go to the doctor yet again, and we'll see what she says. My friend just told me about baby Actifed... hmmm...

The girl is such a sweety, even when she's all congested and crying and shnozzling and wiping her face on my clothes and refusing to eat or be happy doing anything... okay, I'll get back to you on that sweety thing. But still so loveable!

Is anyone actually surprised this child's gonna have curly hair? If she didn't we'd suspect a mistake at the hospital...

And now, in AbbaWatch, Abba is in St Louis now (or maybe he's midair?). The nice people he stayed with in Memphis made him a little lunch box to take with him - wasn't that sweet? I hope he doesn't get too used to having someone making food for him, or he may not come home!! (And yet, he's about to have NCSY shabbaton food for the second week running - methinks he'll come home fast enough!)

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