Monday, November 20, 2006


Overdosing on antihistamines? Bad. Proper dosing? Good. But alas, we didn't have any tonight, which is why Prune has been up for the last hour (and about once every 90 minutes prior). My back hurts (lots of carrying and rocking), I'm all coughed out (bonus to holding crying baby in baby's room: getting to share the humidifier!), and while I really did thank God every day for our good health before this whole episode (and I am still thankful that this is just a bad cold, and nothing catastrophic), I may need to up those prayers in the future.

I gave her some acetamitamitamitabobphine (whatever), held her until she finally stopped crying, put her back in her crib with the lullabies playing... and she was quiet within a couple minutes. I'm going to go creep in and check her state of blanket coverage, and then I'm going back to my own sweet sleep.

Update about twenty minutes later: Woke her up (or she woke up, whatever). Fed her, rocked her, put her back down. She's quiet - maybe awake, but quiet. Whew.

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