Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Too pooped for prose, I sum up:
1) Prunella devoured her carrots at the metapelet today, disdained her rice cereal, didn't need formula (hurray).
2) Metapelet thought SR had an ear infection, she treated it with warm olive oil.
3) We took the toch to the doc today, who said as follows:
a) vomiting once a day may just be a sign of digestive immaturity
b) she ain't worried
c) kiddo is still gaining weight, although not as fast as we want her too
d) we'll come back soon to check her weight (it was 6.7 kilo today, which means she still hasn't doubled her birth weight)
e) maybe maybe this whole issue is due to an iron deficiency... Okay, fine, we gave her her iron drops maybe two whole times, and I couldn't even find the bottle today (I think in a fit of good intentions we had taken it to the US with us, and flight restrictions probably caused us to leave it there). So we're giving her iron every day now, and we'll see if it helps.
4) We are tiiiiiiiiired!
5) If I don't send the last of the thank you notes with my husband to America, I will vanish into a puff of Poor Taste and be ever banned from the Junior League of Houston. Golly.


Faye Berman said...

You are weird. No junior league for you. I hope Yoav has a safe and successful trip. Exactly what does warm olive oil do for an ear infection?

Miriam the Mommy said...

It supposedly relieves the pain. I saw it on legitimate medical websites. Whatever!

bilha said...

The warm oil works. My friends did it to me in sem. when I had an earache. Also, Miriam had an ear infection last week and they gave her (in addition to antibiotics) these ear drops that are basically oil.
About iron deficiency, here's a horror story. Betzalel, who used to be in the 90th percentile til age 5 months was diagnosed with iron deficiency when he was one and a half (half a year after we made aliya). He's been taking iron ever since. He still has the deficiency. I notice that he eats more when we remember to give it to him. We've gotten on a good routine now. We give it before bed to Tzali and Miri. Really you're not supposed to have it with milk products, so watch out for the dairy formula. Also, I was told that orange juice helps you absorb it. I don't remember if you're supposed to have it with a meal or not so ask your pharmacy. In short, give her the iron. It effects her growth (as proven by Betzalel who is now in the 5th percentile :-( ) In the US they never told us to give him any iron. I have to say that for a puking child, SR is pretty darn cute. She is soooo photogenic!