Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More on doughnuts

First of all, an addendum to my last post. One night of 'We've Got Annie!' is already sold out!! This thing isn't for another two months! Yikes!

Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #2
Sufgania origin point: Not Just Bagels, RBS
Sufgania filling variety: one "strawberry" flavor, one regular (with hole)
Grease level: Noteable, but in no way diminishing from the experience
Unit price: 5.00 NIS each
Assessment: Not Just Bagels makes their own bagels, so it's no surprise that their doughnuts in the same shape are outstanding. I was there at end-of-day, which meant for my purchase of a jelly doughnut I got a jelly and a regular. The sufgania (the jelly one) had the appropriate ratio of squoosh to firmness, and it did not have any of the citrus tones I disliked in the previous review. The jelly itself, alas, was pretty much the same technicolor experience. However, it was the regular holed glazed doughnut that shone. It was smaller, and therefore the frying oil had permeated it more thoroughly, but the taste of the dough coupled with the sugar glaze and the fried flavor made for a truly quality doughnut, on the caliber of Dunkin. I coulda eaten half a dozen. No comments, please.
Rating: *** for jelly, ***** for plain


Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #3
Sufgania origin point: Ben Ami bakery, Beit Hadafus, Givat Shaul, J-lem (right across from my office)

Sufgania filling variety: "strawberry" flavor
Grease level: Heavy

Unit price: 3.50 NIS each
Assessment: Ben Ami does classy, overpriced, high-flavor very well. Get a salad from them, and it will be an amazing salad - small, but really, really good. So I expected the same of the sufganiot. Indeed, they were smaller than the traditional size, but large enough not everyone would notice. My specimen was so fresh as to still be warm, and that may have been to its detriment. The entire thing was much more evocative of a beignet, it was so darn squishable, and it was very greasy. The grease was so prevalent it leads me to believe their deep fryer had not yet warmed up for the day (I believe I got the first batch of the day). I think more shelf-time might have helped with the squishiness factor as well. I did enjoy it, please don't misunderstand, but it was not the pinnacle of the art form.

Rating: **

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