Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Multimedia munchkin

Since Yoav is away, we're trying to take lots of pictures and videos to share online so he can try not to miss us too much (as if!). It's amazing - my camera loving daughter will stop everything (even crying, I think) to smile at a camera... but if she's doing something adorable and I try to catch a video, she stops and just stares.

She was SO adorable today, talking up a storm, giggling at everything, and just being totally, utterly wonderful, bli ayin hara. Which is why the best video I could get of her was of her eating a bite, fairly quietly:

I think she misses her abba... I sat down at the table and she was what, seven feet away on the floor, playing? She immediately crawled over (on her knees, thank you) and continued playing, just at my feet. Someone noticed there's less parental attention around. Or not, and I'm projecting that I noticed there's no Yoav around!!
Yoav recorded a couple videos for her to watch while he was gone, and this is a picture of her watching her abba talking to her (aw). It was great. I left her in the highchair and let him babysit for a couple minutes, while I ran her bath.

Thank God the girl continues to feel well and eat well and poop well (twice today, once underwater). Tomorrow IY"H we will introduce the girl to avocado!

I have decided to stay home for this shabbos, and I've kindly been invited out to neighbors for the meals. I'm just not ready to trek outa town with baby and pack'n'play and accessories and and and. Maybe next week...

I didn't buy the girl a coat today, because they all seemed too big or impractical. I did buy a yummy fleecy outfit, a pair a tights, a adorable little turtleneck for my little turtle, and a fleece onesie. I have it on excellent authority that Yoav might just be bringing back some booty (actually, a pair of booties) from the US, so I'm gonna see what we got (thanks Bubbie! thanks Savta!) before I shop further.

Today Toch and I slept late (and went to work late) which was great and necessary, but alas, we can't do it again tomorrow, so I must be off!


Faye Berman said...

WOW, super-cuteness!!!! She seems to really like the solid food stuff. Enjoy your Shabbos with your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Yoav and I watched the cuteness last night. He misses you both sooo much. We checked what she ate and how many naps and how long. Keep yp the good work.

Aunt Brenda