Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oral stage

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a food-grimace, when the subject is a big camera ham? Please appreciate my efforts on behalf of you all.

Yeah, so seems she doesn't like bell peppers. Taka, today she didn't like very much, period. She didn't even eat her chulent!! Never fear, I'm sending more tomorrow.

We think she's teething, and yes, there should be a rule that she's not allowed to start teething until we've had one week of Boring Health, but here we are. She's eating little, alternating between gnawing on everything and not letting anything touch her mouth, and she's a bit kvetchy. She just woke up now to cry (poor baby). Yoav held her and administered Oragel, which seemed to help, and she got a dose of ibuprofen too (why ibuprofen? Clearly, because it's easier to spell than acitomitamitamitaphine! No, really because it lasts longer and is an anti-inflamatory and, incidentally, doesn't stain!). She calmed down, ate, and we put her back to bed.

That's about all the news. Oh, I'm still coughing (less unattractively, B"H) and still wheezing more than I'd like, ya know? Back to the doctor the day after tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

I might have mentioned this in an earlier posting, should just know that everytime my husband hears me laughing while I am cruising the web, he assumes that I am on your website! I really enjoy...and appreciate your hard work at getting pics of the tochter!

Feel good....

rebecca schochet