Sunday, November 19, 2006

Soup of human kindness

Those of you who don't live in a place like Ramat Beit Shemesh, you best get yourselves here as quickly as possible. And those of you who do, consider yourself given internationally-publicized accolades. 'Cause you're the best, and I would NOT be making it without you.

It takes a neighborhood to raise a mommy.

I'm sitting here, typing away, eating my borrowed chicken soup, while my daughter is sleeping in her crib with nicely humidified air (thanks S!). She's BRIEthing easier thanks to a borrowed nebulizer (how's that for a shout-out, B?). I knew what to put in said nebulizer (and retained a sizable portion of my sanity) due to another friend (Dr L! The other one! How many times did I call you today - a round dozen?). And all this before any of the paid professionals, and besides the unremitting support of my families abroad.

And all that is just today!! I've had a couple weeks of this, B"H!

But you'll be wanting an update on the girl.

This morning at the doc we established the following:
1) I didn't kill her with my little overdosing last night, but perhaps don't do that again. We stopped that medication for now, actually, because we're concerned it knocked her out so much (ya think?) that she aspirated too much mucus.
2) I wish this blog were still about poop. Much more fun than mucus.
3) To avoid her lungs getting worse (and God forbid, pneumoniatic), she's on a mucus-thinning medication (which tastes AMAZING and I am jealous - it makes her smell like ice cream!), and Ventolin, which is what gets delivered through the nebulizer.
4) Sarah Rochel does NOT like the nebulizer, not one bit. But at least all that crying means she's inhaling deeply.
5) None of this represents a bacterial infection just yet, so no antibiotics...yet. We're hoping we don't need them, mostly because I heard about this study.
6) When this is all over, she is SO getting her flu shot. I think I'll get one too, since the kupa's computers persist in thinking I'm diabetic (I'm not, B"H) and so I get a free shot.

She took a lovely two hour nap today - and so did I! The rest of the time she alternated between playing alone happily or wanting to be held. She did eat more than yesterday, thank God, nursing and drinking water (only out of Mommy's cup) and even eating some fruit. She was starting to get tired, we used the nebulizer - crying, crying - and then to cheer her up we watched Abba on the computer... and she fell asleep, sitting up in my lap! I put her down in the car seat, and went to fetch my borrowed chicken soup. About an hour later, I took her out of the car seat, fed her, and put her into bed. Whew.

The first doctor's appointment I could get tomorrow is 10 AM, so looks like we'll be missing part or all of work tomorrow. Hurray for sick days!

The above picture is from this morning, when trying to wake her up to go to the doc's I was shooting her. The quality is because I hadn't turned the flash back on after last night's artsy shot.


Savta said...

Shalom Miriam and Pitzky, hope by now you are both better , did the Dr. take a culture to determine it is not bacterial and thus determined that she does not need antibiotics ? Love and kisses.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the S.O.!! i feel so famous. glad to hear it helped!
refuah shlaima little srd!