Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, so the nebulized Ventolin is a little, um, trippy. It's even wearing off now, but I feel like my hands are looser at the ends of my arms, ya know? It's not that I have more energy, it's that everything is looser. Yeah, well, whatever, we're hoping the wheezing will pass soon so I won't have to use this stuff (although hey, my bathtub looks great since I scrubbed it at midnight).

Anyway... Yoav will be landing in just under 7 hours - yippee!! We made it! Mostly, anyway. Darn it, two days ago every single dish in the house was washed... How'd we use so many dishes in two days?

I did go back to work, and the girl did get back to the metapelet today. I was fine, just a bunch of socially unacceptable coughing (that'll teach them not to give me a private office!). And the girl was fine, just hardly drank her milk nor ate her food. The latter was carrots and oat cereal. I'm concerned that all these days of having super-sweet medicines and whatever fruity baby food I could coax down her throat has impaired her drive for vegetables. The doc mentioned that she's eating less cause her tummy is full of the mucus she's swallowing. Lovely, but no doubt a realistic assesment.

I continued to benefit from both the soup and the milk of human kindness, as the L's provided me with more chicken soup (which I scarfed down a liter of - you see, this is the problem with using containers you know the size of!), and the F's (as in the A and M F's, in case the parental F's of Houston are reading) not only donated a bag of milk so Yoav can have his coffee tomorrow morning (would you believe he's teaching tomorrow?), but also stayed with the sleeping baby while I ran down to the car to empty the trunk. As I explained to them, even if I'm gone 6.3 seconds, those could be the 6.3 seconds she wakes up, learns to climb out of her crib, learns to walk, and sticks a metal rod into a socket. It could happen! Thanks to all!

Okay, gotta go to sleep. So excited!!!


Anonymous said...

I missed the point of your link to "it could happen" not sure what this website is....please inform me!

Faye Berman said...

you are stoned!!!! Teehee!!! I am glad you are feeling better.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Rebecca, she's a comidienne (sp?) whose tag line is "it could happen!"

Sarah Rochel the Tochter said...

Faye, where have you been?? You haven't blogged in ages - Mom is worried about you! Of course, she's also worries about sucking boogers out of my nose, so I don't know what that means...

Faye Berman said...

Sarah rochele,
I am warmed to hear that Mom is worried, I hope your boogers go away soon!
I have not been blogging because I have been madly (but unsuccessfuly) looking for a job. I hope you have a great Shabbos with your recently returned Abba. I got to see my Abba yesterday and that was nice.