Saturday, November 18, 2006


Okay, I'm ready for another adult in the house. It's not even the garbage ("It's been sitting by the door for two days and no one has taken it out yet!"), the laundry, the dishes, and it's not even the girl. It's just...

Yoav likes to tell a story (I will no doubt get some details wrong) of a girl who he saw lose her wallet. She competently starts making calls to cancel credit cards and so on... until her soon-to-be-husband shows up. As soon as he's there, she dissolves into a puddle of trauma and "ohmigosh" and can't do a thing.

It's kinda the reverse over here. When Yoav is here, I'm a lot more competent. (Okay, sometimes.) For example, as ya'll know Prunella is on this decongestant. So tonight I give her her dose - 4 drops. Oops, maybe a fifth one dropped in there, but fine, there's some left on the spoon. Fine. About five minutes later, she coughs and spits up a bunch - twice. After phone consultations with friends, I give her one drop (a quarter of the regular dose), and proceed with putting her to bed, etc.

Immediately after I've made this decision, I start thinking I made the totally WRONG decision, and and and bad bad bad.

She's been asleep for more than 3 hours. I just spent 20 more-or-less harrowing minutes (three hours? Ten?) holding a crying girl who would not open her eyes. I thought she was having a bad dream, tried to wake her - she would not open her eyes. I tried everything short of stripping her and plunking her in the tub. She did crack them once or twice, eventually, and my attempts did prove some level of consciousness (crying worse when I used the snotsucker, pushing away me or bottle, holding my necklace, etc). But freaky!! The drug does make her drowsy, but this was scary. She finally fell asleep in my arms as I paced the hallway and played lullabies on the stereo.

And she's moaning in her sleep every now and then.

Last night she slept for 9 hours (!), a record for her. I even fed her once in the middle - she didn't wake up. So 9 hours, then up for an hour (eating and crying) and back asleep for two more. Very little napping today, mostly okay today (a tad fragile, and still not eating as much as usual). Around 6 PM I nurse her - and she falls asleep, fully dressed. Being a good mother, I promptly take this picture of her asleep on the changing pad, then ease off her shoes and try to get her in some semblance of pajamas. She wakes up. Fine, she gets a bath, story time, eats some more, finally back in bed.

Occasional moan. Tossing, turning.

I creep in to find she's 180 degress away from where I left her, and she's managed to pile a folded blanket on top of Kermit and pillow her head on it. I took a picture, sans flash, and then tried to lighten it. Here it is, and I'm sorry it's not better:
And she sleeps until the aforementioned debacle.

Since then, just a moment ago, I went in to hear more snorting and unhappy noises - but she's still asleep.

And so the moral is - we miss Yoav! (True story: the only intelligble thing my daughter said for all that time she was crying was 'abba.') If nothing else, he'd tell me I'm not a bad mother. Or that I am. But either way, I'd know!!

He's in LA for shabbos, so it won't be Saturday night there for like another eighteen hours or something absurd.

It's hard to tell in all this tirade, but she actually IS feeling better. She was maybe running a low fever this morning, but since then she hasn't been feverish - hurray! Her nose was running less too. I am developing a blechy cough.

And so, dear readers who have put up with my meanderings and complainings, please feel free to tell me what I did wrong (or right). And, dear husband, don't feel bad that you're not here, because I did want you to go on this trip and I support you, etc, etc.

But know that we miss you, and when you come home, I probably won't ask you to take out the garbage for at least a day. Bli neder. And if you ever want to do this again, I'm importing another adult, okay?

(end of whiny post)


Anonymous said...

miriam you are doing a great job. hopefuly ill be in israel for the summer so i can take out the garbage then, i always said just get a bigger garbage and then youll never have to take it out-tzipporah rabinowicz

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that you are THE champion child raiser and fantastic person. your bravery in facing life's great vicicitudes ( misspelled - but I couldn't resist the using the word ) for two and a half weeks without me is just another example of your greatness - go you !!