Sunday, November 12, 2006


Okay, so I found the setting on the camera that makes videos lesser quality, which means they're smaller, which means I can bombard everyone with more of them - yippee!

Here's the girl listening to Abba on the computer:

And another of her performing Just For You:

And yet another (which may not be 'live' yet) of her saying hello to the blog:

And here's a regular picture (imagine!) of her post-bath:

And one of her drinking:

She had applesauce for the first time today, actual baby-food-from-a-jar applesauce at that (it was a treat for both of us!). Surprisingly she wasn't so very into it. She may just not have been hungry.

Yoav should be in NY any minute now, I think, after his successful shabbaton in Detroit. Oh, and an astute FOB (Fan Of the Blog) (thanks Y!) sent me the following, cut and pasted from the Hanna Sacks, Chicago, email newsletter:

This week saw two more visits by heads of seminaries - Rabbi X of ABC and Rabbi Druyan of Bnot Torah Institute (Sharfman's). Both presentation included Divrei Torah and an overview of the seminary, followed by questions and answers. The presentations were well received and highly informative.

I especially like the part when they call him the head of the seminary!

I have been fairly slothful and have been sitting here at the computer since the girl went to sleep, so I'll post more later... or I won't... A little suspense is good for you.


rebecca schochet said...

ok mir...i have officially concluded that you must be completely bored out of your mind and that is why you spend so much of your time on this blog. PLEASE DONT GET ME WRONG - I LOVE LOOKING AT THIS BLOG on a semi daily basis. it give me so much pleasure to see you and the tochter....esp the funny recent additions (VIDEOS!!!). i love you! cant wait to see you in 2 months!!!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Bored? Not quite... more like I'm just devoted to giving my family new pictures of the girl (especially for Yoav when he's away). I'm just happy so many people come along for the ride!!

I know all the videos are gratuitous.. but Yoav really, REALLY appreciates them!

Looking forward to seeing you too!!

Debbie Firestone said...

ok Miriam two things:
Thing the first:
What parenting book should we read? I decided that you are my rebbe and whatever book you like best, we will read too!
Thing the second:
I cant believe i didnt think of this earlier, but did the Rabbi visit his grandma yet? will he be before he leaves? cuz if he is, we would LOVE to have him for dinner! we are in sunnyside, a few short blocks from woodside and it would be great to see him! plus maybe he can help us with the maariv minyan!
lemme know

Miriam the Mommy said...

Debbie, what makes you think we have a clue what we're doing? Bless you.

Although I've gained by reading "The Baby Whisperer" even if I don't buy everything she said. I also really liked "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" although I haven't put any of it into practice, really, being as the Toch don't talk just yet.

I must recommend as a resource, though.

As for the rabbi, I don't think he's going to get to Bubbe this trip, and he has so few hours in NY (he never spends the night there) I think his parents might have monopolized his free ones. But I will FOR SURE pass on the message!

debbie said...

ok so have you read any of the Jewish ones? R Wolbe? R Orlowek? um, the three thousand other ones?

Miriam the Mommy said...

R'Wolbe - got it, read some of it, definitely get it.

R'Orlowek - for sure, but I haven't found that his books deal with babies, and I'm not focusing bigger than that yet.