Thursday, November 30, 2006

What, me tochter?

I barely saw the girl today. She had to be woken up in the morning to leave, so we didn't have much morning time, then I dropped her off as usual. Then Yoav picked her up and they ran errands and visited Savta Raba and did stuff, while I kept working. I kept working because it's the end of the month and I sure could use the extra hours (rather, our bank account sure could use them), and since Yoav was off this afternoon, it worked out fine.

When they picked me up at 5 PMish, the girl was asleep. She woke up over an hour later, and then she was ready for bed by 8 PM. Not a lot of tochtertime.

She really is doing better, Baruch Hashem! No fever today at all, which is amazing, and she ate nicely (well, nicer). The blood test results showed no infection (thank God) and nothing wrong, really. Her iron could be higher but it's acceptable, and she's already getting supplemented, so.. seems she just had a virus! And considering the virus is nasty enough that my experience of it is still unfolding (cough, cough), apparently her little immune system is doing quite well!

We'll go to the doc tomorrow anyway, but really so Yoav can get his flu shot scrip and she can listen to my lungs again, and tell me once again that I have reactive airways. Cough, cough.

The picture above is from a few days ago when we were in the park, and a couple girls decided to play dress up with SR. The reason I'm posting it is the lighting is perfect, and your computer monitor settings aside, that is actually what she looks like, especially the hair. Yum yum yum yum yum! (Tochter: even better than doughnuts.)


Anonymous said...

ohhhh im actually going to be there that week!!!! we'll IYH be there thurs jan 18 - sun 28th.....maybe ill come! (even though im staying at the king solomon during the week and hopefully the eisensteins that 2nd shabbos...) ofcourse i would love to stop by that the shabbos....the 26th....SO PLEASE BE HOME THAT SHABBOS!!! and if eisenstein isnt home, can we come for shabbos????? YAY! YAY!this time i wont be alone when i come :)
rebecca schochet

Miriam the Mommy said...

That shabbos is the shabbos right after the play - I don't think we're going to be home, since I won't be able to see straight, much less be trusted with cooking food with a stove. But if you want play tickets (maybe go with Aliza?) tell me now!!