Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wheezy and Banana Breath

The doc agreed with me that indeed I am wheezing and I need to be drugged accordingly. Sarah Rochel is also doing MUCH better, baruch Hashem!. The doc said SR and I have the same virus, and she is more advanced in it than I, i.e. she's on the upswing, and I'm not!

So the good news is the Ventolin we bought for the girl and used exactly once won't go to waste... I get to use the nebulizer now! IY"H I won't cry the whole time.

A wonderful neighbor (who told me to stop thanking her already, but I don't think this counts) blessedly took the girl this morning for a few hours, so my weary self (it took HOURS to fall asleep last night, I was wheezing and coughing so much) could do exotic things like showering, praying, sleeping... wow.

That's pretty much it... Today was the aforementioned, then hanging out until the doc's appointment, then hanging out till dinner time, bath time, bedtime. Then I vegetated in front of the computer for a bit, ate dinner, did laundry, cleaned up a bit, washed some selective dishes, and now I'm blogging.

Speaking of dinner, she had bananas and oat cereal tonight, otherwise known as pre-concrete. Enjoy this little example of my daughter's table manners - when I let her get ahold of the bowl, anyway.

The picture up above is her wearing a little jacket for the first time. How convenient that the zipper comes with a chew toy?

Okay, I'm using the nebulizer right now... I think this might be the 'infant' mask... Who knew my chin was that much further than from my nose than hers? She better not wake up and cry now, because there is no way I'd hear her (fortunately, she just woke up and ate about 10 minutes ago, so it's unlikely, not that that ever stopped her before.) (postscript later: cool, I'm not wheezing! Now hopefully I just won't get the shakes that I've been warned about. Hey, I think I'm typing faster. Hmm...)

Oh oh oh!! It's Rosh Chodesh Kislev today! That means Chanuka is coming, and THAT means we can now embark upon the spiritual celebration of the miracle of oil, namely that of eating sufganiot. Since in Israel this is the only time of year we get doughnuts, I must restrict myself to only having them after Rosh Chodesh, and we try not to go overboard. So here is a new blog feature - Miriam's Seasonal Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things.

Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #1
Sufgania origin point: the 'Bonjour' bakery in Shefa Shuk, RBS
Sufgania filling variety: "strawberry" flavor
Grease level: Appropriate
Unit price: 2.95 NIS each
Assessment: A fine way to start the season. My specimen was very fresh, fried no more than two hours before consumption. The dough itself is nicely textured. It has a hint of citrus to it (perhaps orange juice in the batter?) which I personally dislike but lends a depth most fans would enjoy. The exterior was soft, there was a nice proportion of filling to dough, and the powdered sugar on top was ample but not overdone. The filling itself belied its artificial origins (I got my daily quota of 'Red'), but for artifical was very respectable, unjarring. Chocolate filling was also available.
Rating: ***


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...this title looks familiar somehow...but please send some of those sufganiot my way.

Miriam the Mommy said...

It was out on Thunder Road, Tweeter at the wheel, they crashed right into paradise, you could hear them tires squeal...