Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As Yoav's brother once said, Z. Z. Z.

We are TIRED! Yoav's been gone what, 24 hours, and
a) the house is a mess (like as in, no dishes left, no clean clothes left, don't let the baby crawl on the floor kind of mess),
b) I am tired (like as in, if I want to know the time I best check a digital clock, because the big and little hands are beyond me right now)
c) the baby is tired (like as in, we went to a birthday party tonight and so she didn't go to sleep until 10:30 PM!)

Okay, to be fair, before Yoav left the house was a mess and I was tired. I just had grandiose plans about those things magically being all better once he was gone!

Anyway, the girl continues to say "Uhbuh" (that is, Abba) nicely, as well as "puh puh puh" and the ever evocative "tsis." But when she sees a camera all she does is smile (as you know) so it's hard to capture on video.

Today she ate a breadstick! Her first wheat AND her first self-fed food! She did it like a pro, too.

She had some formula today, but not a lot. Clearly, she likes me better (had I already mentioned that?).

The greater Jerusalem area continues to be going bonkers over the Gay Pride parade happening on Friday. Protests everywhere, and many protests are giving the Bored and Restless a chance to burn things and throw rocks, etc. It's horrible. What's the worst is that so many of the offenders look like orthodox Jews. I say they look like us, but aren't actually religious, because I'm sorry, throwing rocks at buses (buses of Jews!) is a definite no-no last I learned! While I am adamantly against this parade happening, I want it to be over with already so people can settle down. It's nuts. More here.

I'm going to sign off and go blitz the house for a few minutes so it's safe for
a) tochters who crawl
b) mommies who want to retain sanity (and some level of hygiene)


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