Monday, December 04, 2006

Catching up

I apologize to all my loyal readers for the delay in posting. First of all, as the tochter blogged this morning (while I was at work, cheeky monkey!), we're all fine. The girl has been thank God just getting more and more back to herself, eating better, feeling more playful and giggly, not being feverish or coughing (much) - hurray! I was feeling better, coughing less - but then yesterday and today I got wicked headaches and malaise. My diagnosis? Just a lack of hydration. So I'm working on that now, glub glub.

I will try to catch up on all the doings of the last few days...
(You know you're a devoted SR blog reader when... you actually get through all of this, and don't skip ahead to the videos!)

1) I just bathed the girl, diapered and dressed her, fed her and put her to bed, made myself dinner and ate it. I saw a white spot on the back of my hand. I thought it was the cheese from my salad. It was diaper cream. Blech.

2) We had to move down the crib level, because Prunella remembered how to pull up on the bars completely. So now she sleeps down in a low, barred pit. It's not on it's lowest setting, B"H, so at least we don't have to drop her down there in her sleep!

3) Speaking of sleep, I am trying to decide if I should train her out of her middle-of-the-night wakenings or not. Your comments are welcome. Last night she went to sleep at 8:30 PM, woke up at midnight, 2, 6 and then I woke her at 7:15 AM. As you know, Yoav fed her at 2. I don't know...

4) Aren't you impressed I remembered the times she woke up all by myself? It's impressive because I officially stopped keeping track! For the first time in 7 months, I no longer run to the computer as soon as she falls asleep to mark her in a nap. It's very exciting! I feel so unfettered! I also feel like I have no data, which makes me insecure, but we're working on that.

5) Princess Pea is getting more and more mobile - it's really amazing. Besides her crawling par amazingness, she is pulling up more consistently. When I put her in a standing position with a handhold, she is more likely to take a step or two. Today she even went from the chair she was holding onto to my arm (which was about two inches away from her but STILL!).

6) Today my girl had her first basar v'chalav - chas veshalom! Seriously, she had her leftover chicken soup... followed by a bottle of dairy formula! Goodness! Good thing we a) didn't mix the two, b) she's a baby, and I don't think she needs to wait between meat and milk just yet. Maybe next month...

7) I am finally chilling out on the formula thing (took long enough, right?). Of course, today was the first time she had any in weeks, so much so that the metapelet had to throw out my daughter's unfinished cannister (it was too old) and borrow from another baby's. (I believe my baby is the only one at the metapelet who gets bottled MommyMilk.)

8) Today at the park we (some other women and I) were discussing the impact of disposable diapers on fertility. A woman there (who I've only just met) said, "Well, most of us wore disposable diapers, and look around - that doesn't seem to be a problem here!" Right. I said... well, I don't remember what I said, but I certainly remember everything I didn't say. And never fear - Sarah Rochel is staying in her Huggies.

I actually had considered cloth diapers, being the environmentalist that I am, except that I'm also lazy and sometimes go a week without doing laundry, and that would result in some serious issues with cloth diapers. That and the initial financial outlay was too daunting to try something that I might abandon. That and I don't think Yoav would have been too pro... Maybe when it's toilet training time we'll get those kind of training pants rather than PullUps (if for no other reason than to escape the smarmy "I'm a big kid now!" jingle running through our heads).

9) Friday was so nice and warm (speaking of diapers) that before the girl's bath we let her play a bit just in her skivvies. It's lots of fun for her to be (mostly) nekked, and she had a bit of fun with her new stuffed bear tickling her too.

10) And this weekend, I also brushed the girl's hair for the first time!! Okay, so you couldn't really notice a difference afterwards (maybe a little) but the funniest thing was her reaction - she went totally and completely still and serious-faced until I was done (reminding me more of my cat having his temperature taken than anything else, if you don't mind the comparison). Then when I stopped she went back to giggling and chewing on the brush, etc.

And now, you've been so patient, the videos!

Here's her from tonight drinking out of her cup. She prefers a regular cup to a sippy cup, actually, which makes sense, because sippy cups (especially first-stage, training ones) are HARD to use - you gotta suck really hard!

(This video is ample evidence of what my mother noticed, namely that YouTube tends to unsync my audio and visuals when I upload there, for some reason. So in this one you see the cup come down and hear the clatter only a few beats later. It's because sound travels slower than light, I'd imagine. Hence me exploring other options, as in Google, below.)

And here, besides trying out a new video host, is her from Friday frolicking in her diaper and eating the camera.

Blogger isn't uploading my pictures, so for now, the videos are all you get! I hope I caught up adequately.

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