Monday, December 25, 2006

Compliance problems

I think the girl took the whole 'on strike' thing a little too far. Last night she only went to sleep about 10:30 PM. Tonight she went to sleep at 7 PM (Yes! I made it to my dress rehersal on time!)... but was up by 8, and wouldn't go back to sleep until 10 or so (um, sorry Yoav!). I have no idea why she's not so sleepy - it's not like she's sleeping a lot during the day at all. I guess she's just too busy!

Anyway, here's her and her abba lifting weights earlier.

I'm very frustrated with blogger uploading pictures so unpredictably, so while I have many yummy pictures of the girl, I just can't get them to you! I may have to investigate other options... Oh, good, it let me load another one. So this is Princess Pea in her fairytale role... so delicious!


Faye Berman said...

my Abba used to weight lift the same way with me and my sister. Brings back memories!!

Sabba L & Savta N said...

Wow! SR gets a great ride and her Abba tightens up his abdominal muscles. It's a win-win exercise.
I hope SR will come to appreciate that the middle of the night is a time for sleeping- so that her Mommy and Abba will be able to log more zzzzz.