Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Continued happiness

So the other day I gave her a piece of orange to suck on (not a choking-hazard BMA: my hand was still attached to the other end). She was hysterical - each taste made her screw up her eyes and face in a total grimace (Tattie, like my old lemon face), but then she kept opening her mouth and lunging for the next suck! I did my best to capture it on camera.

Here are your pictures of fourth and fifth night candle lighting. I have to mess with the camera settings, somehow, because my indoor pictures are either bright-white-tochter-in-the-black-room, or dark & fuzzy. The dark picture here was with no flash, so you could see Yoav and Princess Pea in the chanuka glow. (Oh, darn it, blogger won't upload any more than the two pictures I've already got. So you'll have to wait for glowing pictures and 5th night pictures until tomorrow!)

Tochterbean's final antibiotic dose is tomorrow - yay! - and if I get my act together we'll all go Friday for our flu shots (the family that gets shot up together hopefully evades the flu together).

This year is my first experience in coping with chanuka vacations that aren't mine. Basically, my metapelet is off tomorrow and Thursday, many schools are off as well, every babysitter in Ramat Beit Shemesh is busy, and thus, we have a problem! So Yoav is free until noon, so he can take care of her until then... And then... We have one last potential babysitter we'll hear back from tomorrow. If she says yes, she'll sit the Prune until I get home. If she says no, methinks I'll have an awfully short work day tomorrow (indeed, there could be worse things!).

Tonight is night 5 of chanuka, and it took until tonight that I didn't immediately, after lighting and singing, turn wistfully to my husband and ask, "Present?" We're not doing chanuka presents right now, partially because it's a tight money winter, but mostly because we're still stradling the fence of deciding if chanuka presents are just Tree Envy, or something like that, or if they're a legitimate Jewish custom. For the girl, I want to end up doing whatever her friends do, so either way, she won't be the only kid in her class getting or not getting presents. But I still associate lighting the menorah and then pouncing upon parent (or directly onto the package) for chanuaka present.

It may just also be that I miss my parents!

The baby (can we call her that anymore?) is now 9 months old (Jewish calendar). 9 months!! That means she's almost out longer than she was in. That means she can wear 9-12 month sizes. That means... that means... she's a big girl!! That means the Future is so much closer... toilet training... school... dating...!

I did just have a fun first. I was going through some clothes I never wear, deciding what to do with them. I found a dress I wore to my sheva brachos after we got married. I don't know that I'll ever wear it again (um, it's too big, that's it, just hangs on me, looks horrible, right), but it's gorgeous and sentimental and all that.

So I saved it for my daughter to wear.

That's my chanuka present.

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bilha said...

Miriam, you're just too cute. That was a really nice Chanukah present. At least your more realistic than I. I just save it in the hopes that one day, I'll be able to fit into it. I'm still reading btw. I may not always comment but I'm a loyal reader as long as the internet here is working (which doesn't happen often enough).