Friday, December 08, 2006

Contochteritis and photo update

We're feeling VERY productive. It may be after midnight on a Thursday night, but all the food for shabbos is either made or marinating (or rising, in the case of my babka-to-be, but close enough). That will leave tomorrow for housecleaning and laundry.

The girl's right eye was a little blechy this evening. I don't think it's pinkeye, but maybe a clogged tear duct? Anyway, I got a mondo-bullseye squirt of mommy milk into her eye with a syringe (she didn't even cry a bit), which I'm hoping will help. And no I am NOT a hypochondriac nor am I one by proxy for my daughter - it's just always something with us!

She's a little congested too, but I won't go into any of the sniffly sneezy coughing details for you, because you'll just make fun of me.

And I won't mention the funky poops of late either.

She's back to eating so wonderfully though, thank God. She ate almost a whole banana for dinner tonight, and she polished off every bit of food I sent her with this morning. And then when we put her to bed tonight, she was too tired to nurse properly. I can understand that - I have days I'd rather sleep than eat too.

I reduced the resolution to try and bribe blogger into actually posting these pictures from the last week, and it finally worked. So enjoy!

Captions for the below:
1. Princess Yumminess surveys her kingdom from her royal pedestal, a.k.a. Mommy.
2. Her Highness takes a shloof. Note her royal scepter in hand, inherited from the Queen Mother before her. (True story: everyone who sees her holding that toy says, "Hey, I had one of those!" Indeed, it used to be mine, and apparently at the end of the 1970's Fisher-Price only made one toy!)
3. No, it's not a tooth - sorry!! (Actually, I'm not - I am NOT looking forward to the whole tooth thing!) It's just a curd of cottage cheese, which she had for the first time yesterday.
4. As blogged a couple days ago, Her Majesty is perfectly capable of removing her glass, I mean, leather slipper. She likes to chew on it too.
5. Prune and I
6 and 7. These are from last Friday when we let her roll around (clad in the Royal Diaper) with her new teddy bear. Not surprisingly, the tag was as big a draw as the bear itself.



Anonymous said...

Tell me, does that mommy-milk in the eye thing really work? Yael was a little generous on the eye crud today and I was a little apprehensive to squirt her with mommy juice.

Good Shabbos to you all in Israel.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Well, bli ayin hara (pun intended) it does look better this morning!

Good shabbos?

Anonymous said...

heeeeey!!! miriam, funny blogs. would love to chat

Anonymous said...

oh yah cute pics. my e-mail is