Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The ears have it...

Another ear infection. A mild double ear infection, in fact, yet one that's wiping my girl out with fever. Poor kid! The doc said it's so mild she expects it to clear itself up in a day or two, no antibiotics needed. But still, the babe was so miserable and lethargic and wiped out. She threw up on Yoav today, hasn't eaten a lot, but did have some banana and some tomato-garlic soup (some = like three bites) besides nursing about half as much as usual.

I went to a play tonight, so Yoav stayed with her and put her to bed. I left her mommymilk bottles, of course, but she hardly touched them... She's been sleeping for a while, long past when her dose of acetametametaphine woulda worn off, which is a good sign.

Sigh. Look, this could be from so many things. Could be a germ (virus, really) picked up at the metapelet, or the park. Could be her little congested nose ran in the middle of the night, and she, laying on her side, had the snottles run down into her ears. Who knows? Still, I'm contemplating going to a heebie-jeebie doctor to do magical mystical aura inquiries (or whatever) to see what's lacking in her little system, and what we can do to help.

I mean, she IS healthy and she IS normal - thank God! We just got used to her not being sick, not being kvetchy, not crying a lot, and so on - and we want to continue!

When I came home from work (Yoav stayed with her this morning), and I walked in the door, she didn't even smile for me. She was just too wiped. So hard to see my active, giggly baby reduced to being a lump o' baby. Poor tochter. She should have a refua shleima bkarov, amen!


Nechama said...

Sara Rochel starts with the same letters as refuah sheleima - maybe it means something. feel better! -nechama gorf

Sabba & Savta said...

What can we add just Refua Shlema,
Dad wants to send pictures from the Zoo to cheer you up...( we didn't go yet...)
I hope she feels better soon , Love and kisses from Sabba and Savta