Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Enter Sir Alexander

So it's to be antibiotics for the girl. The doc today said that if in three days she's worsening, not improving, it points to a bacterial infection as opposed to a viral one, and since today the girl's fever went up to 104.2 (!!!), and she was oh so very miserable - antibiotics! She's had her first dose (sort of a cross between the bubblegum medicine of my youth and Hawaiian Punch) and she's asleep now.

Fortunately, she did have some stretches of feeling better today (which is where the above picture came from - I was playing with the camera settings again), but not enough of them. She slept A TON (okay, fine, so did I - yippee for my turn to stay home with the girl!).

My sweater vest today was indicative of the situation. I wake up, get dressed, but on my sweater vest. Get the girl, yadi yadi, girl throws up while sitting in my lap. I get a little dirty (okay, I get so dirty that I feel stuff trickling down my ankle - but she was sitting in my lap facing me... okay, I don't even know how that happened). Change all her clothes, change all my clothes. Put girl to sleep. Take advantage of sleeping baby to do laundry. Wash light load. Move light load to dryer. Wash dark load (including vest). Dry dark load. Put sweater vest back on. Wake girl to take her to doctor. At doctor's, girl throws up again - onto the sweater vest. What, you're surprised? At least she helped with the laundry later, as in the picture.

She had eaten some sweet potato and banana. Well, they came back! I was so concerned about her hydration level that I even gave her juice, which I've NEVER done. (Okay, it was grape juice, and she has had it before during kiddush on shabbos, but still, I put it in her sippy cup and everything! Naturally she threw most of it up.)

I have high hopes for the antibiotics working effectively. We don't know what we're doing tomorrow, if I'll try to go to work or what. I did a little work from home, and actually should be doing more of it now except I'm blogging instead. Naughty me!

Midnight30 update: she just woke up crying. The last couple nights that meant her drugs wore off and she was too feverish to keep sleeping. I expected the same but... she a) wanted to eat (!), b) didn't seem feverish!! Baruch Hashem!!


bilha said...

Oy Miriam I totally sympathize. What is it about cute babies born in March that makes them get sick so often? I totally don't remember Betzalel getting this sick and yet every time I read your blog I realize that Miriam is going through the same thing. She also has her second ear infection this winter. It's so sad when they're not themselves. She's on different antibiotics than last time. I think last time it was moxypen forte and this time it's augmentin. Don't ask me the difference. I'm no doc. Anyway, may all the cute kinderlach get better soon (and may their mommies get a good nights sleep!).

Miriam the Mommy said...

AMEN!! Wow, refua shleima!!! Cough, cough!