Monday, December 25, 2006

Found Nemo

On shabbos (and then again tonight), Peanutbutterhead ate gefilte fish! (Fortunately, there was no peanut butter involved.) She likes it! She likes the carrot it comes with too. It's more impressive because we cook ours with turkish salad (a synonym of salsa) and she liked all that stuff too. We're so proud.

The shvigger, wait, I mean the savta is coming tomorrow - yay! In her honor we engaged the services of a cleaningperson, a male one since he was working while Yoav was prepping classes at home this morning. Conclusion? Yeah, chicks are better. Although my faucets are shining, he broke a picture frame (this I don't care about)... and there were a couple pieces of broken glass in the girl's toy pile (THAT I care about). Yeah, well, okay, noted for the future. B"H she's just fine (well, actually, as I type she's crying and Yoav is about to go at her with a bottle, but she is fine). We are, as always, incredibly thankful to Hashem that earlier when the girl was playing on the rug that she didn't see those pieces of glass.

Blogger only allowed one picture. Sorry! It's from the other day, when she was a little sleepy midst her rice cake and avocado.

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debbie said...

oh my gosh that is so scary...
girls rock.