Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy happy!

Happy Chanuka everyone! First night of chanuka was Friday night, and fortunately you light chanuka lights BEFORE shabbos, which meant we could take pictures, yay!

Yes the girl has her own menorah (okay, my old one), although we help her to light it.

So here are pictures of nights one, two and three!

Thank God, she continues to do better and better. Every day she gets a little more back to her giggly, playful self. She is still fairly clingy, and her sleeping at night is totally shot (we went from our blissful 6-8 hour stretches back to our 2.5 hour stretches, sigh), but at least she's eating well and growing her hair and clapping at everything (so cute!). And I noticed she's growing up - the skin on her knees is no longer the exact same color as the skin on the rest of her legs. She's... she's... she's USED!! Like I need New Car Smell, except, New Baby Smell, or something (hmm, think I could bottle it?).

We've got a few more days of the antibiotic, and then we'll resume trying to gently encourage her to sleep longer stretches. In other news, tomorrow I miss a lot of work to go to a big play practice - yay! Our play is half sold out, and it's not for like six weeks! Amazing.

All for now! Have a great day!

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bilha said...

I'm telling ya, I feel for you. We're going through the same thing. Miriam used to sleep through the night but not since the ear infection. We haven't had a semi-normal nights sleep in like two weeks. Maybe when they finish antibiotics we should have a party for them. (Miriam finishes on Shabbos. What about SR?)