Monday, December 04, 2006

Just a note

All is well, oh Fans of Moi, just Mommy's been really busy and crazy and went to sleep SO early last night that she didn't even blog. She even had Abba get up and feed me at 2 AM (good thing I hadn't finished my bottle from earlier in the day). She's doing much better today, and so am I, since last night I actually was asleep by 8:30 PM (as opposed to 11 and 10 PM the previous nights).

Mommy will post later, all kinds of adorable videos and pictures of little old me!

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

and you were such a cutie at 2am - It was a pleasure bringing you a midnight snack !

Anonymous said...

Hope you are both back on the mend and on the way back to your formerly healthlier selves. Glad to hear mommy is finally getting some much needed rest.