Friday, December 15, 2006

Miss Druyan, we're ready for your closeup

We tried!! Really we did!! It might help if you adjust your monitor settings - I know the videos are a little dark.

I think these are not half bad, considering they're a fevered baby (couple days ago) and a tired mommy holding the camera (Yoav wasn't home).

And if we don't get some feedback, we're going to follow in the little Svei children's lead...

And now my personal favorite, the girl saying her favorite word, "Aah."

And here are finally the two geisha pictures that I couldn't get uploaded last night. Good shabbos! Happy chanuka!


Sabba and Savta said...

The Mommy will definitely win best director award. It's good to see SR smiling despite her fever. Shabbat shalom and Hanukah sameiach.

from San Diego to Eretz Yisrael

Anonymous said...

wow!!! i cant believe she is crawling. although i might be admitting i missed a few days of blogging. You know i still cant figure out who she looks like any ideas? A freilichin(how do you spell that word) Chanukah to the whole Mishpacha-tzipporah rabinowicz