Monday, December 11, 2006


She's sick again. Fever, threw up at the metapelet (not at home, score!). Her fever was high enough (103.6) that the medicine didn't eliminate it, just brought it down. Poor kiddo. She felt better at times, felt worse at times. Went to sleep early after a bath that she did not enjoy and a post-bath pajama session that had her gums chattering (can gums chatter?). She slept somewhat fitfully. About an hour ago she got another dose of drugs, which made her comfortable enough to eat and go back to sleep. Poor little Pumpkin.

Depending on how she is in the morning, either Yoav will stay home with her or she'll come in with me.

She gets her vitamins. She drinks super duper mommy milk. She's just having a spate of sick, that's all. The Ladies of the Park (all knowing, all wise) say this is "normal," that the first season a baby is exposed to school or whatever they get sick while their immune systems learn. I guess so... but ya know, aren't we there yet?


shira said...

Poor tochter!!!! We're with ya, kiddo- imech anachnu b'tarech! Try dr. Heimlich..........Yisroel Meir wishes Princess SR a special Refuah Shelaima. Feel good!

Anonymous said...

Refuah Shlema U'Mehira with love and kisses from Saba and Savta