Friday, December 22, 2006

Sarah Rochel and the Stinky Hallways*

You have all been forgiven. Thank you for confirming how loved we are - we appreciate it!! I am trying to upload as many pictures as I can to catch up, since it's already the 7th night of chanuka (jeepers!).

Inevitably, tonight she almost grabbed the flame, but thank God, no damage! She wasn't even scared. Just me.

We're tired (it's 2 AM, duh!) but we're all alright, B"H. Well, I'm wheezing again, but at least the girl is feeling good. She's not exactly sleeping like we want her to, but then again, can't complain! Bless them, some my friends keep reminding me they have it worse!

Okay, blogger is choking at three pictures, more tomorrow, assuming the shabbos food miraculously cooks itself...

*This is a reference to my daughter's poops and the new Harry Potter book title, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Happy chanukah and Chodesh Tov!-Tzipporah Rabinowicz