Tuesday, December 26, 2006

She's electric

I’m writing this offline, because at the moment our electricity is off. The computer, of course, has battery life, but alas, the bathroom lights don’t, and neither does the fridge… oh, wait, the fridge is toasted anyway.

We went fridge shopping today – Sarah Rochel liked the rectangular ones. Yoav wasn’t with me, and so I had to fumble with appliance Hebrew all alone. Nu nu, I then came home and did all my research online – ha ha! Choosing something big like this (car, husband, etc) is often interesting in that you come equipped with a list of priorities and preferences, and often end up with something that isn’t what you thought you wanted.

So looks like I’m going to get my side-by-side fridge, but not the colors I thought I wanted (fake-stainless or black – I think we’re getting white), nor the size I wanted (turns out it would stick out from the wall almost three feet, um, no). We’re going to hopefully get the funky one with the zig-zag shaped doors. It ain’t huge, but it will delight me. One day we might buy a big freezer too, but for now, marvy.

And I can always paint it!! (insert maniacal cackle here)

Handyrabbi Yoav got the electricity on – the problem was a plugged-in extension cord outside getting (hurray!) soaked in the rain. And alas, the snow predicted for Jerusalem tomorrow probably will not happen, but you can’t win ‘em all.

This fatigue stuff is catching up with me again, so I need to go. Thank God we're all well. Savta came safe and sound - hurray! Enjoy the pictures (I only had to attempt it three times and reduce the resolution) - the floor shot is from the other day when the girl was being forced to eat crumbs off the tile (one blog has the Princess and the Pea, this one is Cinderella. How bout some Rapunzel action, kiddo? Grow that hair!). And the other is her feeding herself yummy sweet potato thingies, something she is perfecting. I even took a video of it, but haven't gotten around to uploading those yet (shame on me).


Debbie said...

i hate to be the one to break this to you, but theres only one picture.... sorry buttercup.

Debbie said...

oh wait sorry theres two... don't mind me....

Faye Berman said...

I have seen the sweet potato thingies. Elan's son is into them, and the banana puffs too. Enjoy the new fridge.

brenderan said...

At least you know your floor is clean. At my house the carpet catches everything and then some - dust, dirt, etc. I kinda miss squeege-ing the floors in Israel.
Good thing Yael spends most of her day at the house in a stationary (not the paper) position and that Yoni knows better than to eat off the floor (sometimes)
Good luck with the fridge. Hope its got everything you want.