Friday, December 15, 2006

Steadily improving

I went to work today, and the girl went to the metapelet. She - thank God! - had continued overnight with no fever, and in the morning was... well, she ate, some, but she was a little fragile. I thought she just needed more sleep.

So we go off to town, she sleeps in the car, and we arrive. She wakes up, eats, and I leave. Yoav picks her up later, to get the report that she drank like two sips from her bottle, ate a tiny bit of food, slept a bit and, whenever she was awake, cried unless the metapelet was holding her. Oh. Oops! So she's not quite back to herself.

The pattern continued at home - she didn't really want to play on her own. So we went outside for a while, got some air, made a shopping list, and then we watched a cat play with a (brace yourself) mouse for literally fifteen minutes before it ate it. It was hysterical - Sir Tom versus Mickey, and boy did Mickey lose. The cat mamish batted it around, picked it up in his mouth and put it back down, tossed it, let it crawl away and then caught it again... Finally, munch, munch munch, and then a little hack hack (Mom, Tat, remember that distinctive sound? Miss the cats much? I didn't think so!). This all took place, blessedly (for me, anyway) in my neighbor's yard. Still, a little too close to home, you know? They were doing construction on the street above us, which tends to make for homeless mice. Still, we may be calling the exterminator prophylactically.

Since she fell asleep, she's woken up and eaten a couple of times so far, which makes me very happy, actually, since at least she's eating!! The doc says she wasn't dehydrated, or rather, she was not suffering from dehydration, although definitely she had a lower level of hydration than usual. Saves on the diapers, true, but you know?

In developmental news, she's been clapping for a while now but she's gotten very good about doing it imitatively. So we can clap together - such fun! And - when she's healthy - she's still wonderful and verbal and yummy. She can crawl up to something, get up on her knees and try to climb it. This leads to her doing a lot of sitting on her knees - my little geisha! I finally got some pictures today, so enjoy. (Argh, blogger isn't uploading properly, and I'm actually getting very annoyed so - alas! - another time....)

I took a couple videos (okay, like five, actually, but only a couple are worth sharing) the other day, still need to upload them. I apologize for the delay.

And tomorrow night (oops, it's 1 AM, so I guess tonight) is Sarah Rochel's first Chanuka!! So exciting! I get to light her menorah for her - also exciting!! (While precocious, we're waiting until she's at least two before teaching her to strike a match.)

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