Friday, December 29, 2006

Taking care of bidness

Well, as I blogged and as you can see from the picture, Savta is here and spoiling us all wonderfully. Tonight we braved the cold to go buy the girl a winter coat and hat (you realize of course that we will now have warm weather until she grows out of them). We're also buying some food for shabbos, which is a nice treat...

Okay, the food buying for shabbos is as much for a break as because we have no place to store food! We're still living out of a minifridge BUT, tada tada, we ordered the new fridge!

It's an Amana (made in the USA) Wide-by-Side, very exciting! It's got the funky zig-zag door to give wide space on both sides. This closed-door picture is of the Maytag Wide-by-Side... hmm, think they're in cahoots? We hope it will be here sometime next week, since it's an "older" model (read: in stock). And it's white, and it's large, but like Olive Oyl, we're happy just because it's ours.

Baby girl didn't really eat today at the metapelet, nor once we were home (a little bit, but not much). She had thrown up a little this morning too. But she was pretty much in fine spirits, so I don't think she's sick, but maybe she was a little queasy. Yesterday she had dates for the first time - could it be an allergic reaction? Don't know, but never fear - we're off to the doctor tomorrow, mostly because of my cough and because I want to weigh the girl, but we'll ask about that too!

I just uploaded two videos, but they're still 'processing' so I can't post a link. Tomorrow, IY"H. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

I loved the old fridge i knew where everything was :( are you still gonna have a picture of your dad eating the needle? b/c thats my favorite.-tzipporah rabinowicz

Anonymous said...

okay this comment is from my mom. we have this fridge and she is so happy with it. but she told me to tell you not to throw out the instructions b/c when it comes pesach time you need to know the settings. mommies know everything!-tzipporah. have a great shabbos!

Sarah Rochel the Tochter said...

Wow, your mom reads the blog too?? I feel so honored!!

I'll be sure to tell Mommy not to let me chew on the instructons.