Friday, December 28, 2007


This blog post has nothing to do with Sarah Rochel, except in the way that EVERYTHING has EVERYTHING to do with Sarah Rochel - certainly in my life, and why not in yours too?

It's 1:40 AM, and I have just finished unpacking groceries. The receipt is here next to me on the table, and I'm so staggered by the total that I feel the need to share it with all of you. So, categorized as follows...

Disposable goods: enough to last for about 2-3 weeks, including diapers and paper towels: 160.83

Produce: enough to last for one week: 72.32

Dairy: enough to last for the next 4 days, except for milk: 58.42

Baking supplies: 27.36

Prepared food: (canned stuff, wine, chocolate, crackers, chumus, etc), enough for about a week: 190.89

Dead animals: (includes canned tuna), enough for a week: 230.57

Misc tiny other: 25.94

So total is still 765.84 NIS. Well, 766.33. So I missed a decimal or two - whatever!

I'm exhausted now, and doesn't know what this proves, but golly, I'll think about at an hour that doesn't begin with a 'two'.

If you wanna see the entire breakdown (sorry, I didn't list produce weights), you can look at this. Oh, eyes many much closing now...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Almost great and powerful

Rehersal, rehersal, rehersal... quick, rewrite that scene... "Miriam, I need you to be sick next Thursday morning." (I - alas - feel fine and will miss that rehersal.) Reherse, reherse, go to the pianist's house to sing, sing in the car, sing in the shower (who has time to shower?), sing until Sarah Rochel says, "No Mommy singing," recite recite recite, play with the leprechaun hat they've decided the Wizard wears, reherse, reherse.

This picture is from erev shabbos last week (I don't believe it's Thursday tomorrow, I mean, today). Note our pretty new velvet dress and the "kertief" that Savta put on us. We love wearing a kertief just like Savta!

I just got a new Ikea catalogue, so I'm busy spending money I don't have. I think I'm up to like 22,000 NIS and I'm just thinking about my daughter's room.

I got a second-degree burn on my hand Sunday night, as I tripped over my own feet and attempted to fall down a set of stairs. In the wonderful God-given way we can think REALLY fast, as I'm starting to fall I grab the bannister and realize that my hand on the bannister hurts - a lot - but golly, falling down 10 steps would hurt more, so I'll just go with the hand pain... and I B"H stopped my fall. But the friction on the bannister gave me quite the 2 inch welt on my hand. Ow ow ow ow. But Yoav Magic Hatzola Man bandaged me with BurnShield for two days (which is basically just tea tree oil), and voila, two days later it's a painless scar. Ain't the human body amazing? And thank you God for not sending me down those steps, because a Wizard of Oz with a leg cast just kinds ruins the mood, ya know?

Off to bed. Goodnight!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ah, the Druyanity of it all...

Okay, it's now 9:58 PM. I am stopping to blog at 11, so let's see how much we can catch up!

As no doubt most of you have surmised, what with my parents being here and Yoav's parents coming, I haven't been blogging so much, partially because I'm busy, and partially because heck, I write this thing mostly for them, you know? But I'll try to cover all the ground I missed..

So my parents came, and yes, I'm going to say it again, I-told-you-so that between photographs and phone calls SR definitely did NOT forget who Bubby and Zayde were! Totally delicious. She enjoyed their visit IMMENSELY, as did Yoav and myself. And SR was pronouncing Zayde perfectly by the end of the trip, as you can see on this video (wait for it):

We didn't get as much touring done as we might of, since alas, I still had to work some of the time, and my father got a bit of a cold (thanks for sharing, Tattie), and my mother, alas, fell prey to the same Virus of Doom that I had in the last post. And Yoav tonight just started running a fever, so basically we're well into Winter Health Season over here. I MUST get around to getting our flu shots...

But I digressed. So besides MiniIsrael as previously blogged, we went... um... I think we hit one grocery store or another 5 times in 48 hours, which is talented, I know. We (my parents and inlaws, since the latter had already arrived) ate out one night at my favorite fish restaurant over a gas station, and went out thereafter to see my old schoolmate Avi Lieberman who was part of a fundraising comedy show. Yoav had to go teach and so missed the comedy part of the evening, which was perhaps best, because between the 4 imported American comedians it was fairly inevitable that someone would have a mildly off color joke... or a rampantly rainbow plaid off color joke...

Did I mention all the grocery stores?

One afternoon we went to the kinda-local Monkey Park, where we discovered that liking monkeys in books is a very different thing than liking them in person, even in cages. But since there were ample parents and grandparents for Tochs to have a death grip on, we enjoyed our visit.

Back at home, we also had all kinds of general fun with the girl, of course, who has not (after all) forgotten about Abba Birthday, but indeed can now tell you that "Abba birthday ishrei (Tishrei), Mommy birthday Iyar" and of course, "Rochel birthday Adar." Not too shabby, kiddo. And incidentally accurate.

Yesterday, the last day my parents were here, I played hooky from work and we Sightsaw, darn it, so we could pretend we had done more than hang around feeling ill and occasionally going to the grocery store (to be fair, we hit the pharmacies a fair amount as well). We ended up in Aderet where we did exciting things like driving around and taking pictures at a panoramic view, which happened to be in a construction site.

I mentioned last time that the girl is the Queen of Stall when it comes to bedtime lately (last night with Yoav: "Hot dog! High chair! Book! Tissue! Open! OPEN!" (the last there directed at the door). Well, she's not just cute about her bedtime, I'm afraid. A few nights ago when she was in full 'I do NOT want to go to bed!' hysterics, she managed to fling her top-heavy self right over the side of her crib. B"H that Yoav was standing there and caught half of her, and the debris on her floor (in this case, an old suitcase) caught the other half. Okay, scary but fine, we thought. Isolated incident, right?

And then last night, when she wasn't hysterical but she wouldn't stop crying, Yoav walks into her room to find her with one leg over the side of the crib. Oooh. Double plus uncool. I was at a play practice, but when I come home I find the two of them asleep, Yoav's head next to the girl's, on the crib mattress which has been removed to the floor. I wake up Yoav, put a few extra pillows around, and anticipate that the girl WILL wake up during the night. When I checked on her at midnight, she was already 90 degrees turned, as shown, and indeed at 2 AM, she woke up and I found her standing on the floor, totally confused. I then woke Yoav, who replaced the crib mattress, she went back to sleep and all was well.

But it brings up the point that she may need to get out of the crib. She may just be big enough to climb out and small enough not to do it safely. So we're looking into beds and toddler beds and really large sized Tupperware (just kidding! Maybe!) and perhaps taking my wise mother's suggestion and just buying a shorter mattress. Tonight the girl was sat by Saba and Savta, and she fell asleep in the car thereafter, so she transferred smoothly to the crib. Whew!

Strike that. She just woke up and asked for "Mommy singing" in order to go back to sleep. Okay, I can live with that. Sing sing sing, rock rock rock, and she's back in bed.

Today in the car she made me listen to the first song from 'Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway' about 12 times in a row ("gain" she says, from her throne in the backseat. "Soup challah kiddush," she demands). So we listen to the Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious parody, "Soup and challah candlesticks kiddush it is delicious" over... and over... Good thing we love Lenny!

I had to take her with me to play practice the other day. I was holding her, and while I'm practicing my solo, she starts clopping my mouth with her hand and saying, "Mommy no singing!" Well, thank you very much.

The play is selling out nicely (they are thinking of adding an EIGTH show, oh heavens) so feel free to buy your tickets now. Yes, I mean you.

That's actually all that comes to mind now to blog, and hey, it's only 10:45 at night! So here's what you actually came for - pictures!

Out on the tundra of Ateret (okay, it looks like a frozen wasteland, but it was just a grey day combined with white rubble).

And the weather changed again, and it was a sunny day! Zayde and SR (hmm, Zayde is SR too... well, both of them then) played out back while Bubby recovered.

And now, Monkey Park pictures:

Um, are they gone yet? Is it safe to smile?

No baboon! No baboon!"

We finally fit into our Astros warm up suit, courtesy of Uncle Micah:

Note that we also preferred to play in the suitcase over playing with the items brought therein. Big shock.

Sarah Rochel invited Zayde to her tent.

And she invited herself (and Abba) into Zayde's trunk! This was actually her favorite part of the Monkey Park trip.

Here are three generations being amused by reading the phone book (see previous blog entry).

My dad has been wanting to do this for a long time. Note the comparison between the girl in the chair right after we bought it, and this current shot. Shoot. Who's been feeding my little monkey?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Remorse, remorse!

Well, THAT was a veritable drought of blogging! I do apologize for lapsing in my task of sending updates from the Land of Tochterbean, but it was busy busy and then I was struck with the Virus of Doom, which wiped me out for some days... And now my parents are here... yay!! Fun! Toys! Clothes!

The girl has been going through a massive verbal acquisition stage lately, stepped up even from her usual rapid progress. So while maybe she can't draw a circle yet (like a toddler of her acquaintance some few days older than her - harumph! Not that it's a competition!), she can happily tell you that she has ten toes, will read to herself from the phonebook for ten minutes at a time, she will fetch your shoes for you, and the way she says Zjejeh is becoming pronounced more like 'Zayde' all the time. She lights her own menorah (with help), and when she washes her hands she says "ata melech sher kidish" and then if you prompt "al netilas..." she says "dayim!"

She also started eating actually quantities of food again. Whew!

She has reached new heights in stalling bedtime as well, which developmentally is right on cue for her age. We try to make bedtime close to dinner time so she'll be full, you know? (A throwback to trying to get her to sleep longer through the night when she was still nursing.) So little clever child has started asking, once the light is off and crib placement is imminent, "Food?" in this winsome, pleading "no one ever fed me before" voice. So I've brought her slices of cheese, even let her have a milk bottle... but clearly she's not interested at all. So last night bedtime was right after dinner, and she asks, "Food?" and I say no, she just finished dinner, it's time to sleep. So she cries for a moment, and then in the exact same tone of voice asks, "Tissue?" Um, good try kiddo. Have a tissue, go to bed.

When I came in and checked on her hours later, the tissue was still clutched in her hand.

Tonight she skipped the food stall, and went straight for "Bubby!"

Words we hear a lot around here now:
Cota cheese, stuck, messy, Rochel feed you, MINE! (applies to any inanimate object), water cup, shabos necklise...

We have not mentioned "Abba birthday" for almost two weeks. I am stricken.

We got the hat that F made us! Yay! Feel free to buy your own or a reasonable facsimile thereof at this store! Buy lots! She does custom color orders! She also makes a mean orange chicken, but her cooking is not available through this website at this time. Sarah Rochel loves the hat already (she calls it - ready for it? - "Hat."), and it keeps her adorable little head very warm... except of course, it was HOT yesterday when we were all at MiniIsrael, so much so that her little cheeks were all red and she was prancing around in short sleeves. But the hat will come in handy other times.

As you can see, my parents brought (amongst many other sundry goodies) my vintage 1984 Cabbage Patch premie. I recollected what I had officially changed her name to, back in 1985... Sarah Rivka. Yup. That's funny. Life imitating life, as it were.

More to come in days to come, I hope. Happy Chanuka ya'll!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A rainbow of fruit flavors...

Last week on Thursday while I was at work we had a little earthquake - nothing too major, but I noticed it. And then Friday night I was awakened by a much larger one. I LOVE earthquakes. They are so cool, the reason being they make God very big. Like only God can pick up EVERYTHING and shake it all at once, you know? Love them. Fortunately the girl didn't wake up, and we're not talking about such extreme quakes as to do damage or anything. I just think they're cool.

Rats. Now my parents aren't going to come to visit me.

In general our weather last week was a lot of fun - tons of rain and lightning and thunder, which is much more rare here than in, say, Houston, where you get to make the brachos on thunder and lightning practically every day of summer (and summer in Houston, you recall, is about 3.5 seasons long). On Friday we had a great rainbow outside our window, the full parabola. I took three pictures to get it all - here is one of them:

Yes, Sarah Rochel can say 'rainbow' very well, even volunteered it when I put on her babylegs this morning.

She has been sleeping somewhat poorly since shabbos, waking up sometimes in the night and having a dickens of a time falling asleep (compared to the last month or two of easy bedtimes). Last night I was at a rehersal, and poor baby kept asking for 'Mommy singing' (YES - all the cookies I bribe her with paid off!). In the end Yoav stuck her in the car and drove around until she fell asleep, something we never resorted to even when she was a newborn! And tonight I had to sing to her until she was snoring away, which was during the thirteenth round of 'Winken, Blinken and Nod' I believe. I really need to get her a cd player just for her room, but I've been too cheap to do it.

Or, I can sing to her for the rest of her life, which, um, yeah, that's fine with me!

SR has recently developed another characteristic of her mother, one Uncle Micah no doubt remembers well, because inevitably it was he, summer afternoons at the JCC pool, who would go up to my mother and say, "Mommy, Miriam has to come out of the poor because her lips are blue!" (Do we still hold a grudge? Indeed we do, right through our chattering teeth.) While it's normal as dirt, especially for we pale faced lassies, and her bath water really is warm enough and everything, it's a sign that it's definitely winter!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meme and Sheshe (an utterly pointless blog)

I was tagged with a 'meme' - what's that, you ask? As the name connotes, it's an opportunity to talk about yourself. But since this blog ain't about me (like fudge it's not, but shhh...), I'll do it in two batches, one for meme and one for sheshe.

The extra chaap is that you don't just answer the meme questions, but you post the first picture (proprietry permitting) that comes up on a Google image search for that word.

Am I bored at work, when I started working on this? Quite possibly.

1. Age on next birthday



2. A place I'd like to visit


3. One of your favorite places



4. Your favorite object



5. Your favorite food


she: (this week)

6. Your favorite animal



7. Your favorite color



8. Name of a past pet


she: (current, not past)

9. What you drive



10. Your middle name



11. A bad habit of yours



12. Your favorite holiday



(Thanks F)

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Sarah Rochel learned this week

Sarah Rochel learned a lot of things this week. Including, but by no means limited to...

1) those cars with yellow lights on top where you pay the driver to take you somewhere are called 'tacky cap's.

2) there's a "duck no touching" at the doctor's office (that is, when you're at the doctor's office with an eye infection, Mommy doesn't let you touch the big stuffed duck in the corner that every other infectious child has no doubt licked)

3) if your sleeve is too long (because your Mommy will insist on putting you in 24 month or 2T clothing that is too big but very cute), you can fix the problem yourself, as in the photo to the left

4) onions are fun to peel, but the peel doesn't go back on when you're done, no matter how you try

5) when you want a wipe for your nose, Mommy prefers that you ask for a new one, rather than fishing a used one from the diaper pail

6) your parents think it's hysterical if, after your Abba swerves on the highway to avoid someone who cut him off, from the back seat you call out "careful."

7) Uncle Boaz is really named "Uncle Boaz" and not "Uncle Bo-cah" (because his picture is next to Uncle Micah's)

8) the proper name for any precipitation is "rain no water." This means something...

9) when you get undressed for your bath and it's late November, you get to do a little dance on the tile in your bare feet because it's "cowud"

She's such a shmoonchers.

Have I mentioned that when I ask her if I can check her tushy for a dirty diaper, she turns around and slightly sticks out her bottom?

Have I mentioned that when she wants us to feed her, she says "Mommy / Abba feed you," and when she wants to do it, "Roch feed you" or "I feed you!"?

Have I mentioned that she can count to four in Hebrew?

Have I mentioned that she ATE today, despite the eye infection, up to and including asking for cottage cheese when we got home and then almost feeding herself the whole container??

Have I mentioned that tonight when I was making roasted vegetables, I asked her to bring me an onion - and once I opened the pantry for her, she did?

Have I mentioned that I love her so much I sometimes have to clutch her to me and don't want to ever let her go?

Bli ayin hara. Bli ayin hara. So, so happy!


Anyway, now go buy tickets to my play, alright? Remember, I'm playing the Wizard, so part of it's BOUND to be good! (Right, most of the play - that I'm not in!)