Monday, January 29, 2007

Just who do I think I am anyway?

Today when we arrived at the metapelet's, Prunella wriggled with joy from her stroller at the sight of her. I liberated her Highness from the straps, and she lunged for the babysitter. They both cooed, hugged, etcetera. But then my baby turned to me and promptly starting waving, as if to say, time for you to leave! I tried to take her – evasion. I called her name – she ignored me. I picked her up out of the metapelet's arms – she cried until I returned her.

Well, I can take a hint. I left, and even had a smile on my face and told the metapelet how happy I am that Toch is happy with her.

It’s just another sign of S'roch's brilliant maturity. My baby girl knows where she is, and she knows Mommy doesn’t belong there.


Anyway, she is feeling better today, but still not 100% - nasty sounding cough. The metapelet actually recommended rubbing a mixture of olive oil and arak (clickhere for a definition - note it literally means 'sweat) on her chest to break down the mucus. Um, no, don't think I'm ready for that one. We'll stick to our herbal vapo-rub.

Today it was winter again. (See, here in Israel, like back in Houston, we get our seasons in spurts. Winter today, not winter tomorrow, etc. Except of course for summer. Summer is pretty darn consistent, actually.) It was COLD, so before we went for our outing I got her all bundled up. She was actually sort of smirking in the above picture. And later, after we'd been home for a bit, her cheeks were still improbably rosy, hence the second picture.

She looks a little skinny. Darn. Might have something to do with the fact she's not eating.

To that end, I got a little adventurous tonight and made her pudding. Butterscotch pudding, made with brown sugar and vanilla and... um... milk. My milk. Well, she kept having leftovers! And it boiled and everything, so any germs it had from being partially drunk earlier for sure cooked out! And it's very creamy! We'll find out tomorrow if she likes it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Return to sender

We're slowly getting back to ourselves. Both the girl and I had a cold at the end of last week - fortunately, I had it worse. I'm still a bit congested (does anyone really understand how I can blow my nose six gazillion times in five minutes, and still be filling tissues!?), but otherwise alright. The girl's nose is clear, but there is so much mucus in the back of her throat - poor baby! It makes her cough and stuff, but she just hasn't learned to expectorate and expel yet. She ran a tiny fever today too. Anyway, the doc says her ears are fine and lungs are fine and everything is fine except the mucus situation. So we're giving her MucoMed (heck, wouldn't you take something with that name?) and lots of steam, and IY"H she'll be better soon.

I of course cursed myself. The 'talent' that plays Miss Hannigan in our show is a local chiropractor. Well, a few nights ago I said to her, "Should I invent a problem just so I can come to you professionally?" Yeah, well, got a back ache that night, and my neck is now totally sore and tight... I asked for it!

But wait, this blog post was supposed to be about how we're recovering from last week! Right!

We had a lovely shabbos away, and are gearing up for a less busy week than last (but still pretty darn busy somehow). And Thursday - the Rosenblatt delegation with full luggage panoply!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever... rest?

Okay, thank God, it's not that bad. Just the sniffling sneezing coughing, and not too much of the rest. But thank God, I'm better today than yesterday (when I was on stage with occluded nostrils - I theatrically blew my nose on stage, and the audience laughed, thinking I was kidding. I was not.). The girl is only a little congested, but she's back to not really eating. Oh, she nurses some and eats some, but not a lot by any stretch. Doesn't matter who's feeding her either.

Today she ate as follows:
5 AM: nursed a lot
7:30 AM: nursed a little
Between 9 AM and 2 PM: ... about 90 ml of mommymilk (I sent 150, grumble grumble), a couple bites of gefilte fish, a couple bites of applesauce and cereal, maybe about half a cracker, maybe a bite of quinoa.
From then until bedtime: some 3 minute nursings (reiterate grumbles), two slices of clementina, one bite of applesauce and cereal, a few Gerber fruit puff star things (only once she puts them into your mouth, of course), 1.5 strawberries, and probably about 1/4 cup of strawberry yogurt (that was the only success of the day).
Since bedtime: nursed once.

It's enough, but... it's not... okay fine, it's fine, she's still wonderful and growing and perfect. But I'm having sympathy with sterotypical Jewish grandmothers throughout history - ess, ess mine tochter!

The picture above is from the camera of Saba at the mall the other day.

The last two performances went wonderfully, B"H, and now Michelle of Michelleandnathan (all one word back in high school) fame is sleeping over, here on her Find a Place to Live Before We Move There trip. And my parents are coming in less than a week! Such a whirl of gaity we're in, and if you recognize the source of that phrase you win a prize.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Groggy summary

It was great, really really really. Well, the play was... But this was the one performance when I needed to have the girl with me, logistically, backstage with a babysitter while I was on stage.

Didn't work so well.

She mostly cried, ate very little, apparently passed most copious quantities of gas (chulent?) and finally fell asleep on a blanket on the floor, asleep so soundly that she slept through thirty girls getting in and out of costumes until I picked her up off the floor. She seems to have forgiven me, thank goodness!

Poor thing. We won't do that again. Both remaining nights this week Yoav can take her, and for the next series of shows in February, as previously mentioned, we will be employing ZaydeTat infant squatting services, hurray!

The Saba and Savta left tonight - thanks for playing with us for so long! I got throughly spoilt again... whadduya mean there's only two of us to change diapers? They will be missed!

Okay, stumbling off to shower (I wear a fake leather (read: plastic) coat for the entire show... just guess how much I need a shower) and bed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What are you, chicken?

Tomorrow begins the whirlwind adventure of being in this play whilst being responsible for a baby. Let's hear it for husbands... and metapelets... and friends who are doing babysitting (thanks Nech and Rivka!)... and random strangers who are babysitting (albeit highly recommended strangers).

Here's the video I promised you (as well as one of the promotional shots from the set). Off to pack my rubber chicken, poker playing cards and bag of feathers (it's not easy being a gangster - I only get my violin case at the theater tomorrow).

I like your hat, come in*

We had a lovely shabbos, made even more lovely by Yoav and I going to bed around 9 PM (yum) and the girl sleeping from 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM (!!!) to 6:30 AM (!!! again) to 8:30 AM! Yumminess all around.

Took a cute video on Friday - will post it tomorrow, IY"H.

*Major, mondo, huge finder's fee and kudos to whoever can find the children's book (not the Dr. Seuss one) that my father and I used to read together years ago, wherein there was a story about a man (animal?) who lived in a house shaped like a hat, who loved hats, who when people came over would say, "I like you. I like your hat. Come in." and so on. I think it was a book with several little stories in it.

Friday, January 19, 2007


No idea why... Around 7 PM I borrowed a neighbor's jogging stroller and sprinted to the pharmacy several blocks uphill to fill my prescription for more super duper milk drugs. Along the way the girl falls asleep - fine, it's almost bedtime, we let.

Home again, she sleeps in the stroller for a while, then wakes up. Now it's only 8:30 or 9 PM or so - fine, I take her to her room, leave the light on, feed her... And she falls back asleep! Fine, she decided it's nighttime.

Around 10, wake up, eat, back asleep. Fine. (Have I said 'fine' enough times yet? No? Fine.)

Around 10:30, wake up, don't want to eat, don't want to sleep. Cry cry cry, eventually we bring her outside, where she plays with Saba for a while, a bit with Savta, a bit with me. She's rubbing eyes, yawning, etc.

Back to her room. Barely eats, arches, cry cry cry, etc. We leave for a while, we go back in. We try feeding her a bottle, we change diapers, we change into pajamas, we give iron drops, we suction her nose (she's congested), we offer water, orange juice, force-feed her her decongestant (yes, the evil scary one back from here), take her out, read to her, rock her, etc, etc.

Long story short (too late), she's asleep again only now, after midnight thirty, after screaming and crying and finally nursing again and finally falling asleep being rocked.

What the heck was that? Did someone get the licence plate of the tochter that hit me?! Yikes!

And today was already a 'boy is my computer at work getting fuzzy' kind of tired day. Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's me! It's me!

Hey, it's me again. Mom is bushed, so she asked me to stay up late and blog. Since last night I behaved (it was hard!) and only woke up like three times, I can swing it! I also took a great nap on the way home from the park today - I just fell asleep in the stroller, in the middle of munching on my whole-wheat pita.

Ain't I cute? Mommy and Abba call this my Gangsta Tochta look. Savta bought me the duds - pretty nifty, eh?

(Mommy just called me from her room to tell me you can't be both a 'gangsta' and 'nifty', but hey, I'm still young enough to make literary mistakes like that).

Do you believe this other picture? That's the wig Mommy is wearing in her play. Blech. I look Italian or something (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Mommy is just about ready for her play - her last rehersal was tonight. She can't wait!! Okay, I can wait, because the performances are going to take Mommy away from me a lot (she says she really MEANT to get me sleeping through the night before the plays happened... oh well...).

So goodnight my public! Poor Mommy - she has to be in plays to have an adoring fanbase. I just have to exist! (Yes, you are worthy - you can get off the floor now.)

Monday, January 15, 2007


Aidel toch, aidel toch
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Aidel toch, aidel toch
Every evening you're sleepy
Powder puff, soft to touch
You're a delicate sweet pea

A Princess we know
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever

Aidel toch, aidel toch
Bless my tochter forever

(with apologies to Frau. Von Trapp. See 'aidel')


I'm blogging very late since I had a dress rehersal tonight, the final before next week's performances (of course, since the first play is at 7:30 PM and I have to be at the theater 8 hours prior, seems likely we'll be rehersing once or twice more). Special thanks to the Saba and Savta babysitting team!! (Yoav was out at a wedding tonight.) The girl went to sleep easily enough, they reported, and while she did just wake up for a snack, she's shloofing peacefully. (You'd sleep peacefully too if you knew you could wake up once an hour for a nice warm meal, like she did last night...)

Our babysitting arrangements for the plays themselves are mostly worked out. During the February shows we'll be employing ZaydeTat infant squatting services (Bubbe will be attending a couple shows, hurray!), but for these in January (alas, after the inlaws leave), Yoav can't quite pick up all the slack. So I think we're going to arrange a seminary girl to pick up the baby in Jerusalem, bring her home in a bus / cab, and stay with her until Yoav or I get home sometime around 11 PM. Poor little muffinhead! But she has frozen Me to keep her fed, and she'll at least be home in familar surroundings with a girl she's hung out with before... and thank God, she's such a sunshiny baby that I hope she'll forgive me.

As part of my role onstage, I have to pretend to be a woman (a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman - gotcha!). The final touch to my double-drag costume? A fox fur stole. Alas, not a faux fox, but the real deal, with tails and - shudder - claws intact. Blech. This for me, the former vegetarian and non-leather wearer. It was surprisingly difficult for me to put it on for the first time. Ick, feh.

Here's a picture, though, of the 10 shekel sheytle after washing. The headband was an attempt to curb the overly exuberant bangs. But I don't have it now - someone in the play is going to wear it after all, but then I get it back! Good to be curly again, and if any of you are going to claim that's not my original hair color, I'll deny it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


She's so totally and completely and utterly adorable that it's painful. Not sure why painful, unless it's the thought that she won't ever be the same way again. The 3 year old SR (bli ayin hara) will be please God adorable, but not the same way she is. And the way she is today will be different tomorrow.

I drive someone to work several times a week, and her 6 month old hangs out in the back seat with the toch. She and her husband are NOT like us, as in they've finished one roll of film since their son was born. Oh. Anyway, she said something about hoping she'd remember one day what he was like now... And I am so, SO happy I have this blog, because frankly, I wouldn't have a clue otherwise.

We took some amazing pictures outside the other day, and these are them, as well as a video Yoav took. In it you can see my amazing daughter's understanding of the word "no." She really does get it - whether or not she remembers it five seconds later is another story...

So she understands "no," but still tries to eat rocks and grass and stuff (although she is getting better). She has learned to wave bye-bye pretty much, and often will just start waving for the fun of it, especially while she's eating. She sometimes does huge whole arm waves, and sometimes just opens and closes her hand so primly, so precisely, it's awfully cute.

She likes to eat chulent and gefilte fish, and strawberries and oranges too. She feeds herself very nicely, well, when she wants to, anyway...

She can say "abba" and "em" (although she says the former far more than the latter), and she yelps and laughs and giggles and is totally delicious. She's been saying "up" a lot lately, although I'm not sure she connects it with us picking her up. Maybe!

Her hair is still growing, and so is she, thank God! Doc on Wednesday said she's up to 7.2 kilo, which means we're doing better. I hope for us to be doing even better soon, since I talked the doc into prescribing me drugs to help make more milk, hurray hurray. Don't know if they're working yet, but we'll see how this work week goes.

We continue to enjoy having Saba and Savta here, and not just because the shabbos after-lunch conversation went like this:

Savta: Well, we all need naps. Why don't you [Yoav and I] go take a nap and I'll stay with Sarah Rochel?


And so I got a yummy two hour nap, got up, fed the baby who then took a nap too, resumed my nap for another half hour... Yeah, we're being spoiled, and it could be worse! Princess Pea really adores the Saba and Savta too, which helps a great deal.

They've just added another paid performance for my play. Basically, we're just selling tickets for a dress rehersal that we would have been having anyway. So it's a matinee - ooh la la!

And now, lest I undo the glorious effects of my good nap(s), I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Baruch dayan emes*

My dearest friend Courtney Lopchinsky is going to be attending the funeral of her father in a little bit. Her daddy was a very sweet and funny and kind person, and he will be very, very missed.

Sometimes... sometimes it's really hard that I'm so far away.

And daily... daily I am grateful for my family, that despite some of them being so far away, that we can still speak together and see each other. May we all have many, many more years together, amen.

*this means "blessed is the true judge," the blessing said upon hearing really awful news

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


She's really growing - she's getting so tall / long / whatever, and she's just standing and pulling and cruising all about. She's really not so much of a baby anymore. Look back at the pictures of her just in September (not that long ago) and her face is so different now...

Here's a picture of her in all her Barishnikov tight-clad glory, and one of me feeding her strawberries.

Last night she was babbling 'abba' all over the place. So I waited until she paused, and asked her, "Who gives you your bath?" (It's usually Yoav.) She promptly said, "Abba." And just the feeling, the frisson, the mere spark of a concept of having a conversation with her...! Amazing! The thought that we'll be able to exchange ideas and thoughts and communicate - wow!

Well... till she's a teenager, anyway. :)

Saw this and liked it:

Monday, January 08, 2007

Small fittings

So we're in the 2 shekel store (read: "dollar store" is too highbrow for this merchandise), and I see a set of velcroable fruit! I always thought this was a very fun toy. So what I thought it would be like was this, a smaller set but hey, this was the 2 shekel store (I guessed it wasn't 2 shekel, but not much more). I asked Yoav to buy it.

It was 18 shekel. Okay, fine.

I open it up tonight after the exhausted baby fell asleep (too much galivanting over J-town), and so it's cheapy plastic, fine. So the fake knife is a little sharp - I dull it, fine. So one of the pieces is a little grungy - so I wash them all, fine.

On my way to throw out the box, I turn it over and read the warning I missed in the store. It's so delightful, I will now reproduce it for you here.

You gotta admire their correct usage of apostraphes. So I guess I'll put the toys away so my daughter won't suckle on them (hmm, alternative to formula?). Oh well.

I may have to go buy that on eBay.... but it doesn't say anything about suckling...

This picture of the girl is from a couple weeks ago when I was playing with the camera. Tocher noir!

The inlaws treated us to a cleaning lady today (6 hours of her!) and as a result I have to wash my hands before I touch the floor, lest I get it dirty. No no, that's not true (um, I think), but the house is gleaming (I can tell the difference! Really I can!) and we're very grateful. Then we all went out shopping (okay, not all of us - the cleaning lady didn't come) and besides the aforementioned 2 shekel store debacle, I got a nice new sweater (hurray!) which had the courtesy to be on sale 50% off, so I think it was something like $15.00. Which reminds me of course of my new shetyle. See, the play costume people bought a bunch of sheytles for the show, some new (including my hideous one), some old. One of the old ones they rejected. I said, hey, I would wear that! So they let me have it for free, but I felt bad and paid them what they paid for it... 10 shekel. It's being washed now - we'll see how it looks!


No, not a reference to the girl's bodily functioning, but my state of fatigue. Late night dress rehersals for the play good, being up way too late, bad.

Here's a pic of the girl and her Saba, which sounds enough like 'Abba' to make her seem particularly ingenius.

Man, wait until you see the wig I'm wearing in this play... Goodnight!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Week's beginning

Sarah Rochel was totally and utterly delectable over shabbos. Her voice is changing again - it's becoming much more tonally clear, more like a speaking voice than a series of pitched squeaks. She's back to saying 'abba' all the time - ALL the time. I'm not sure what she thinks it refers to. She says it when she eats, when she wakes up, when she's asleep in my arms and I put her down in the crib and she wakes up for a split second and then falls right back asleep, etc.

Possible Current Interpretations for "Abba":

I want Abba
I want Mommy
I want food from Mommy
Cuddle me, please!
Recognize my precociousness now!
I don't want to go to sleep yet!
I may poop in the distinct near future.
I love you!!!
Just a head's up: I'm planning on waking up every hour or so tonight, 'kay?

That last one is what it meant last night... Maybe a growth spurt? Our lack of ability to measure notwithstanding, Yoav think's she's definitely grown height-wise lately. She's just wonderful, and she's getting even more so. Yum!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Toch in the tub

She's so smunchy...

She's got this congestion in the back of her throat again, poor dear. So I'm applying this great psuedo Vapo-rub stuff, which really does seem to help, and we finally today bought a heater for her room, which includes a little water chamber to help keep things humid. We need to buy a humidifier too.

By request, I took a couple more videos of the girl in the tub, and as soon as Google is done processing them (man, Wonkavision takes less time...) I'll post them.

Now it's 1 AM, I've made my orange cornbread (tasted it - a little disappointing), my pineapple kugel (excuse to have cake during the meal) and my salami spinach kugel (smells gooooood), oh, and a cake too which I ended up leaving in the oven too long, but will redeem by adding whipped cream and strawberries.

So, 1 AM and the babolicious has already woken up twice to eat. Sigh.

A wonderful shabbos to you all, if I don't get to post tomorrow.

(okay, now video update!)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Polar bear in my frigidaire

The new fridge is wonderful and cold and spacious and bright and if it just had a water hookup, it would be utter perfection. Note the Magnetic Poetry - we really missed it while we had the non-magnetic fridge!!

And as you see below, we started using baby proofing devices in the kitchen:

Oh, they're not meant to be chew toys? Shoulda read the directions...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Speedy Gonzalblog

Sorry for the dinky bloggage. I'll spare you the details, but I haven't been feeling so hot of late, and I'm busy with the play and such, etc. I stayed home from work today (Yoav took the girl to J-lem), and worked remotely... hmmm, could get used to that part...

We just got the new fridge only moments ago (!!!) and IY"H I'll take a picture of it live and in action tomorrow - yippee!! The girl continues brilliantly, thank God, and we're having fun with Savta... and Saba arrives tomorrow morning!

Note the pictures of her standing and playing by the couch, as well as this morning's first: she climbed fully onto something (the old baby seat)! She even climbed down too.

Okay, gotta go put the baby to bed and sleep or something...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Quick update

Tonight right around break-fast I started feeling horrible, which was strange because I hadn't been fasting today! So I ate and drank - no improvement - went to take a nap (thanks Yoav!) - small improvement - got up, fed the baby, put her to bed (thanks Yoav again!) - went back to sleep! I only just got up about a half hour ago to feed her again, and now I'm eating crackers and drinking juice. I don't feel quite as horrible, but I'm not better. It may be a bug (the "malaise, headache and blah bug"), or I may just have had too many nights of too little sleep in a row.

Anyway, Friday we went to the doc, who told us the girl's ears were a little pink (sigh) but not quite infected (and there was a nebulous "yet" floating in the air, double sigh) and the girl weighs... 6.9 kilo!! That's right! In the past two months, she's essentially gained no weight! Sigh again! And yet... she's growing and developing and she's happy most of the time. She was just sick enough not to gain. So we're watching her... (Oh, and Yoav and I measured her length ourselves at the thingy at the doc's office, and if we're right, she shrunk down to 64 centimeters. But then her clothes must have been shrinking vertically as well. Much more likely we just can't figure out how to measure her!)

She is now totally a self feeding pro (when she wants the food to get in her mouth, that is - sometime she prefers the floor) and while she's had the skills for this for a while, she's finally realizing, "duh, I can pull up on furniture and stand and watch the world!" so she's standing next to the couch, the chair, the bookcases, etc. She will even take a toy up there with her so she can play with it at shoulder level - too cute!

Okay, back to bed with me.