Sunday, January 14, 2007


She's so totally and completely and utterly adorable that it's painful. Not sure why painful, unless it's the thought that she won't ever be the same way again. The 3 year old SR (bli ayin hara) will be please God adorable, but not the same way she is. And the way she is today will be different tomorrow.

I drive someone to work several times a week, and her 6 month old hangs out in the back seat with the toch. She and her husband are NOT like us, as in they've finished one roll of film since their son was born. Oh. Anyway, she said something about hoping she'd remember one day what he was like now... And I am so, SO happy I have this blog, because frankly, I wouldn't have a clue otherwise.

We took some amazing pictures outside the other day, and these are them, as well as a video Yoav took. In it you can see my amazing daughter's understanding of the word "no." She really does get it - whether or not she remembers it five seconds later is another story...

So she understands "no," but still tries to eat rocks and grass and stuff (although she is getting better). She has learned to wave bye-bye pretty much, and often will just start waving for the fun of it, especially while she's eating. She sometimes does huge whole arm waves, and sometimes just opens and closes her hand so primly, so precisely, it's awfully cute.

She likes to eat chulent and gefilte fish, and strawberries and oranges too. She feeds herself very nicely, well, when she wants to, anyway...

She can say "abba" and "em" (although she says the former far more than the latter), and she yelps and laughs and giggles and is totally delicious. She's been saying "up" a lot lately, although I'm not sure she connects it with us picking her up. Maybe!

Her hair is still growing, and so is she, thank God! Doc on Wednesday said she's up to 7.2 kilo, which means we're doing better. I hope for us to be doing even better soon, since I talked the doc into prescribing me drugs to help make more milk, hurray hurray. Don't know if they're working yet, but we'll see how this work week goes.

We continue to enjoy having Saba and Savta here, and not just because the shabbos after-lunch conversation went like this:

Savta: Well, we all need naps. Why don't you [Yoav and I] go take a nap and I'll stay with Sarah Rochel?


And so I got a yummy two hour nap, got up, fed the baby who then took a nap too, resumed my nap for another half hour... Yeah, we're being spoiled, and it could be worse! Princess Pea really adores the Saba and Savta too, which helps a great deal.

They've just added another paid performance for my play. Basically, we're just selling tickets for a dress rehersal that we would have been having anyway. So it's a matinee - ooh la la!

And now, lest I undo the glorious effects of my good nap(s), I'm off to bed!

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Faye Berman said...

that is one adorable kid, KE"H. She looks like her Ima, especially in the top picture. Glad to hear that all is good in the lives of the Druyans. You should have lots of continued Nachas from her.