Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Groggy summary

It was great, really really really. Well, the play was... But this was the one performance when I needed to have the girl with me, logistically, backstage with a babysitter while I was on stage.

Didn't work so well.

She mostly cried, ate very little, apparently passed most copious quantities of gas (chulent?) and finally fell asleep on a blanket on the floor, asleep so soundly that she slept through thirty girls getting in and out of costumes until I picked her up off the floor. She seems to have forgiven me, thank goodness!

Poor thing. We won't do that again. Both remaining nights this week Yoav can take her, and for the next series of shows in February, as previously mentioned, we will be employing ZaydeTat infant squatting services, hurray!

The Saba and Savta left tonight - thanks for playing with us for so long! I got throughly spoilt again... whadduya mean there's only two of us to change diapers? They will be missed!

Okay, stumbling off to shower (I wear a fake leather (read: plastic) coat for the entire show... just guess how much I need a shower) and bed.


socialworker/frustrated mom said...
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Malkaoldroomate said...

Hi again it's me Malka your old roomate do you read your comments ? lol Well hope to talk to u if u email me since I don't have your email.