Sunday, January 21, 2007

I like your hat, come in*

We had a lovely shabbos, made even more lovely by Yoav and I going to bed around 9 PM (yum) and the girl sleeping from 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM (!!!) to 6:30 AM (!!! again) to 8:30 AM! Yumminess all around.

Took a cute video on Friday - will post it tomorrow, IY"H.

*Major, mondo, huge finder's fee and kudos to whoever can find the children's book (not the Dr. Seuss one) that my father and I used to read together years ago, wherein there was a story about a man (animal?) who lived in a house shaped like a hat, who loved hats, who when people came over would say, "I like you. I like your hat. Come in." and so on. I think it was a book with several little stories in it.


oldroomate said...
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Jennifer said...

Oh that sounds so familiar! I want to say that's from the little Highlights book that we have (that was more than likely a hand-me-down from y'all). I will have to go and look that up over at Mom's house, if she hasn't packed all those books up yet!