Monday, January 29, 2007

Just who do I think I am anyway?

Today when we arrived at the metapelet's, Prunella wriggled with joy from her stroller at the sight of her. I liberated her Highness from the straps, and she lunged for the babysitter. They both cooed, hugged, etcetera. But then my baby turned to me and promptly starting waving, as if to say, time for you to leave! I tried to take her – evasion. I called her name – she ignored me. I picked her up out of the metapelet's arms – she cried until I returned her.

Well, I can take a hint. I left, and even had a smile on my face and told the metapelet how happy I am that Toch is happy with her.

It’s just another sign of S'roch's brilliant maturity. My baby girl knows where she is, and she knows Mommy doesn’t belong there.


Anyway, she is feeling better today, but still not 100% - nasty sounding cough. The metapelet actually recommended rubbing a mixture of olive oil and arak (clickhere for a definition - note it literally means 'sweat) on her chest to break down the mucus. Um, no, don't think I'm ready for that one. We'll stick to our herbal vapo-rub.

Today it was winter again. (See, here in Israel, like back in Houston, we get our seasons in spurts. Winter today, not winter tomorrow, etc. Except of course for summer. Summer is pretty darn consistent, actually.) It was COLD, so before we went for our outing I got her all bundled up. She was actually sort of smirking in the above picture. And later, after we'd been home for a bit, her cheeks were still improbably rosy, hence the second picture.

She looks a little skinny. Darn. Might have something to do with the fact she's not eating.

To that end, I got a little adventurous tonight and made her pudding. Butterscotch pudding, made with brown sugar and vanilla and... um... milk. My milk. Well, she kept having leftovers! And it boiled and everything, so any germs it had from being partially drunk earlier for sure cooked out! And it's very creamy! We'll find out tomorrow if she likes it.


Anonymous said...

Gosh i miss the Israeli weathers... sigh-tziporah

brenderan said...

Oh bother - the blogger monster strikes again! Will try posting again later - is very late here and I had an over exciting day.

brenderan said...

Lets try this again.
Just you wait, Yoni pushes me out the door when we get to his classroom usually without even a hug or kiss goodbye and he much prefers the toys and books at gan to the ones we have at home. But in my corner, he has started to look out the window and wave as I get in the car to start the rest of my day. We are supposed to raise them so they can grow up and be independent and its HARD!