Friday, January 19, 2007


No idea why... Around 7 PM I borrowed a neighbor's jogging stroller and sprinted to the pharmacy several blocks uphill to fill my prescription for more super duper milk drugs. Along the way the girl falls asleep - fine, it's almost bedtime, we let.

Home again, she sleeps in the stroller for a while, then wakes up. Now it's only 8:30 or 9 PM or so - fine, I take her to her room, leave the light on, feed her... And she falls back asleep! Fine, she decided it's nighttime.

Around 10, wake up, eat, back asleep. Fine. (Have I said 'fine' enough times yet? No? Fine.)

Around 10:30, wake up, don't want to eat, don't want to sleep. Cry cry cry, eventually we bring her outside, where she plays with Saba for a while, a bit with Savta, a bit with me. She's rubbing eyes, yawning, etc.

Back to her room. Barely eats, arches, cry cry cry, etc. We leave for a while, we go back in. We try feeding her a bottle, we change diapers, we change into pajamas, we give iron drops, we suction her nose (she's congested), we offer water, orange juice, force-feed her her decongestant (yes, the evil scary one back from here), take her out, read to her, rock her, etc, etc.

Long story short (too late), she's asleep again only now, after midnight thirty, after screaming and crying and finally nursing again and finally falling asleep being rocked.

What the heck was that? Did someone get the licence plate of the tochter that hit me?! Yikes!

And today was already a 'boy is my computer at work getting fuzzy' kind of tired day. Goodnight!

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Faye Berman said...

oy! I hope that Shabbos goes much better for you!