Monday, January 08, 2007


No, not a reference to the girl's bodily functioning, but my state of fatigue. Late night dress rehersals for the play good, being up way too late, bad.

Here's a pic of the girl and her Saba, which sounds enough like 'Abba' to make her seem particularly ingenius.

Man, wait until you see the wig I'm wearing in this play... Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Miriam,
So its really a long story how I reached this blog. Lets just say too much free time at work and onlysimchas can lead to strange things. But this is an amazing thing that I am thrilled to have come across. I feel like I am reading your diary which may seem strange but its a lot more exciting than mine.
Anyway just wanted to share that I feel like I am part of your life and your daughter is beautiful (bli ayin hara)and I think I will just keep checking the blog every once in a while to continue to feel a part of it. Any interest in my like can be got by emailing me at
Have a great day,
Sarah Katz