Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm blogging very late since I had a dress rehersal tonight, the final before next week's performances (of course, since the first play is at 7:30 PM and I have to be at the theater 8 hours prior, seems likely we'll be rehersing once or twice more). Special thanks to the Saba and Savta babysitting team!! (Yoav was out at a wedding tonight.) The girl went to sleep easily enough, they reported, and while she did just wake up for a snack, she's shloofing peacefully. (You'd sleep peacefully too if you knew you could wake up once an hour for a nice warm meal, like she did last night...)

Our babysitting arrangements for the plays themselves are mostly worked out. During the February shows we'll be employing ZaydeTat infant squatting services (Bubbe will be attending a couple shows, hurray!), but for these in January (alas, after the inlaws leave), Yoav can't quite pick up all the slack. So I think we're going to arrange a seminary girl to pick up the baby in Jerusalem, bring her home in a bus / cab, and stay with her until Yoav or I get home sometime around 11 PM. Poor little muffinhead! But she has frozen Me to keep her fed, and she'll at least be home in familar surroundings with a girl she's hung out with before... and thank God, she's such a sunshiny baby that I hope she'll forgive me.

As part of my role onstage, I have to pretend to be a woman (a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman - gotcha!). The final touch to my double-drag costume? A fox fur stole. Alas, not a faux fox, but the real deal, with tails and - shudder - claws intact. Blech. This for me, the former vegetarian and non-leather wearer. It was surprisingly difficult for me to put it on for the first time. Ick, feh.

Here's a picture, though, of the 10 shekel sheytle after washing. The headband was an attempt to curb the overly exuberant bangs. But I don't have it now - someone in the play is going to wear it after all, but then I get it back! Good to be curly again, and if any of you are going to claim that's not my original hair color, I'll deny it.


Anonymous said...

HI MIRIAM AND RABBI and lil princess (who's not so lil anymore) !! I know it's been awhile since you've heard from me but I just figured out(thanx to Laurie) that i could post anonymous. It's Elke by the way..I miss Mishpachat Druyan so much and watch SR grow older everyday. Your blog is hysterical, it keeps me involved somewhat! I just wnated to check in and say hi!

Faye Berman said...

Hey you're curly again!!!! nifty. Looks good on you. enjoy the play I am sure you will be great.