Monday, January 01, 2007

Quick update

Tonight right around break-fast I started feeling horrible, which was strange because I hadn't been fasting today! So I ate and drank - no improvement - went to take a nap (thanks Yoav!) - small improvement - got up, fed the baby, put her to bed (thanks Yoav again!) - went back to sleep! I only just got up about a half hour ago to feed her again, and now I'm eating crackers and drinking juice. I don't feel quite as horrible, but I'm not better. It may be a bug (the "malaise, headache and blah bug"), or I may just have had too many nights of too little sleep in a row.

Anyway, Friday we went to the doc, who told us the girl's ears were a little pink (sigh) but not quite infected (and there was a nebulous "yet" floating in the air, double sigh) and the girl weighs... 6.9 kilo!! That's right! In the past two months, she's essentially gained no weight! Sigh again! And yet... she's growing and developing and she's happy most of the time. She was just sick enough not to gain. So we're watching her... (Oh, and Yoav and I measured her length ourselves at the thingy at the doc's office, and if we're right, she shrunk down to 64 centimeters. But then her clothes must have been shrinking vertically as well. Much more likely we just can't figure out how to measure her!)

She is now totally a self feeding pro (when she wants the food to get in her mouth, that is - sometime she prefers the floor) and while she's had the skills for this for a while, she's finally realizing, "duh, I can pull up on furniture and stand and watch the world!" so she's standing next to the couch, the chair, the bookcases, etc. She will even take a toy up there with her so she can play with it at shoulder level - too cute!

Okay, back to bed with me.

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