Sunday, January 28, 2007

Return to sender

We're slowly getting back to ourselves. Both the girl and I had a cold at the end of last week - fortunately, I had it worse. I'm still a bit congested (does anyone really understand how I can blow my nose six gazillion times in five minutes, and still be filling tissues!?), but otherwise alright. The girl's nose is clear, but there is so much mucus in the back of her throat - poor baby! It makes her cough and stuff, but she just hasn't learned to expectorate and expel yet. She ran a tiny fever today too. Anyway, the doc says her ears are fine and lungs are fine and everything is fine except the mucus situation. So we're giving her MucoMed (heck, wouldn't you take something with that name?) and lots of steam, and IY"H she'll be better soon.

I of course cursed myself. The 'talent' that plays Miss Hannigan in our show is a local chiropractor. Well, a few nights ago I said to her, "Should I invent a problem just so I can come to you professionally?" Yeah, well, got a back ache that night, and my neck is now totally sore and tight... I asked for it!

But wait, this blog post was supposed to be about how we're recovering from last week! Right!

We had a lovely shabbos away, and are gearing up for a less busy week than last (but still pretty darn busy somehow). And Thursday - the Rosenblatt delegation with full luggage panoply!


Debbie said...

hm hm hmh mmmm
im especially good at expectorating
my what a guy

Faye Berman said...

a pre-emptive welcome to dr. abba and mrs rosenblatt!