Monday, January 08, 2007

Small fittings

So we're in the 2 shekel store (read: "dollar store" is too highbrow for this merchandise), and I see a set of velcroable fruit! I always thought this was a very fun toy. So what I thought it would be like was this, a smaller set but hey, this was the 2 shekel store (I guessed it wasn't 2 shekel, but not much more). I asked Yoav to buy it.

It was 18 shekel. Okay, fine.

I open it up tonight after the exhausted baby fell asleep (too much galivanting over J-town), and so it's cheapy plastic, fine. So the fake knife is a little sharp - I dull it, fine. So one of the pieces is a little grungy - so I wash them all, fine.

On my way to throw out the box, I turn it over and read the warning I missed in the store. It's so delightful, I will now reproduce it for you here.

You gotta admire their correct usage of apostraphes. So I guess I'll put the toys away so my daughter won't suckle on them (hmm, alternative to formula?). Oh well.

I may have to go buy that on eBay.... but it doesn't say anything about suckling...

This picture of the girl is from a couple weeks ago when I was playing with the camera. Tocher noir!

The inlaws treated us to a cleaning lady today (6 hours of her!) and as a result I have to wash my hands before I touch the floor, lest I get it dirty. No no, that's not true (um, I think), but the house is gleaming (I can tell the difference! Really I can!) and we're very grateful. Then we all went out shopping (okay, not all of us - the cleaning lady didn't come) and besides the aforementioned 2 shekel store debacle, I got a nice new sweater (hurray!) which had the courtesy to be on sale 50% off, so I think it was something like $15.00. Which reminds me of course of my new shetyle. See, the play costume people bought a bunch of sheytles for the show, some new (including my hideous one), some old. One of the old ones they rejected. I said, hey, I would wear that! So they let me have it for free, but I felt bad and paid them what they paid for it... 10 shekel. It's being washed now - we'll see how it looks!


Jennifer said...

I had to look that one up this time! was nice enough to tell me what a sheitel was. The fruit would have been such a fun toy, I can't believe that they aren't tochter-proof. That's strange. Maybe the Fisher Price version would be!

Cousin Bean

Faye Berman said...

O the fact that they spray children's toys with something that makes it unsafe for them to put it in their mouthes kind of scares me, a lot! Toch is, as always, cute. I have a function on my camera that makes the pics sepia colored, kinda cool. I miss the shekel stores, sometimes you find cool stuff there. Ok so sometimes it is utter drek, but still. I need to go contemplate what to make myself for dinner. Keep up the blogging, it is nice to know what is going on in my friends lives. Oh which reminds me, did you get the video I sent you? NEH!

Anonymous said...

i have played with the toys before, go for the ebay ones they are tons of fun. also i want to see a picture of the shietel and when can i get a dvd of this years show?-tzipporah rabinowicz